Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainbow Chip Icing

I give you the Holy Grail of all icings......RAINBOW CHIP!!!

It was by sheer coincidence that I stumbled across this random container of icing today as it was mixed in with all the Hershey's Dark Chocolate Icings.

I haven't been able to find proper Rainbow Chip icing in years.

I thought they had discontinued it.

I cannot eat a Funfetti cake without Rainbow Chip frosting.

Some people may try and trick you into thinking these icings are the same thing as Rainbow Chip.

I assure you they are not.

The sprinkles need to already be mixed into the icing.

I am currently baking a delicious Funfetti cake which I am taking to my Mom's friends house.

I'm sure most people will be bringing "homemade" type items.

But be honest would you EVER turn down a piece of Funfetti cake w/ Rainbow Chip icing?

I mean sure the cake box and icing cost under $5 but what comes out of that oven is as good as gold.


kstud said...


i could not agree more! i LOVE rainbow chip icing and have been very disturbed by its disappearance. i am super jealous of your real funfetti cake.


Oversea THIS. said...

I'm with you sister! My mom made me one of these cakes every year for like 10 years. They are still my favorite!!!!