Monday, March 23, 2009

Mini Grocery Store

Tonight I watched the Jon and Kate plus 8 finale with my bff Anne.

The couple is NOT on the verge of a divorce like all you haters thought.

In the episode Kate took her kids to this museum that had a miniature grocery store.

Anne: Oh my gosh I would have loved that place as a kid.

Jeannie: Oh my gosh me too....I still love it...I kind of want to go now.

I found it odd that I can very easily go down the street to a normal grocery store anytime I want...however I still find the idea of going to this miniature grocery store with FAKE food fascinating.

The only bummer is after you shop there you have to put all the food back!

I would NOT have wanted to do that as a kid.

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Rebecca said...

When I was a teacher I took my students to a place with a mini grocery store. I almost fought them to be the cashier and I don't think we saw much else of the museum b/c I loved the grocery store part so much. The second best part was a mini hospital (I could out on a fake cast and everything). I would go back tomorrow with you.
You are my favorite fire fighter.
Love you,
Becca Ann