Friday, March 27, 2009


Hello Loyal Readers! holiday is over and tomorrow I am on my way to Hawaii for 8 months!

I am boarding a new cruise boat and will be cruising all around the Hawaiian islands.

I am especially excited because not only will Jeff be coming with me is Brett!

Aphasia is together at last.

I also love the rest of my cast.

I have been to Hawaii I'm imagining it will still look like this....

I will be on a constant search for the cast of LOST.

If there is anyway I can be an extra on an episode I will.

Next week I will be participating in "Survival Training."

I did not have to do this on my last boat so I am a little terrified.

I have to put out a a full fire fighter outfit!

I'm taking CPR classes and apparently jumping in a pool and flipping over a raft????

I don't know....I mean I have no idea about any of this but I am going to do it!

I mean I was super nervous just taking Drivers Ed!

Remember I am still in the U.S.A so please call me anytime!

Expect lots of updates because the internet will be great.

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