Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cirque Du Soleil "O"

I went to Vegas to meet up with some old girlfriends of mine and see my first Cirque Du Soleil Show.

Heather, Michelle and I went to the Bellagio to try and figure out which Cirque show to see.

We had like 4 or 5 choices but everyone told us to see "O".

Including the ticket lady who graciously gave us each 20% off each ticket.

So they were $170 and I paid like $120.

Big difference.

Oh and I was like in the 5th row.

I only sit in the orchestra section at every theatre show I attend.

Its just not worth it otherwise.

So I'm willing to pay the money.

And I don't go to fancy shows all the time.

Here is the opening of the show.....basically they pretend to pick an audience member out to read the show intro but you soon find out he is part of the show.

I think it is absolutely amazing how they make the curtains dissappear... and so fast.

And its it beautiful how they reveal the water?

Yes I should tell you that the entire show has a water theme.

5 min. before the show starts they play a soundtrack of raindrops falling.

Then the ceiling actually starts to leak.

Then clowns spray everyone a little bit with water.

Its awesome.

You feel water, you see water and you smell water.

I loved it, I'm so glad I saw it, I clapped throughout the entire thing and I gave it a standing "O".

I hate piracy but here is an overview of the show that I found on youtube.

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