Monday, March 30, 2009

AT&T Wireless Stick Thing

Today me and the rest of the cast got these AT&T Wireless USB Internet things.
Basically I now get internet anytime I want.
As long as I get a phone signal...I get internet.

I am currently sitting in the hallway on the cruise boat getting fast internet.
This would have never happened on my last boat.
So please email and facebook away!
Maui is nice....I only went to the mall, ate, saw a movie and went to Walmart but it was all very nice.
Basically we are all trying to get settled.
This week is boat training.
Next week rehearsals.
So I won't be exploring Hawaii for a little while.
However I can't tell you how amazing it was to not have a sea day (on all my other boat runs we were on the ocean anywhere between 1-3 days before touching land).
I can't tell you how amazing it was to be able to see a current movie.
Walmart was amazing!
Anyway I highly recommend these AT&T sticks.
No more hunting for internet cafes.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I have one! Jeez, jeannie, I have been blog stalking you for like an hour now! I can't make myself stop! You just make me laugh so much! I think I am quiting and going to bed now but I know I will be tossing and turning wondering what you talked about before the AT&T Wireless Stick Thing....
I sure wish I had my AT&T Wireless Stick thing when I went on my cruise to Mexico....that would've been nice. Well ttyl!