Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Words will never begin to express how much I love my WALL-E.

As with any Pixar movie I was apprehensive, especially when I found out their latest hit was a robot flick.

I do not like robots.

I don't like A.I. or I Robot or World of the Wars or whatever where robots take over the universe.

No I do NOT like robots.

But let me tell you something...I love WALL-E.

They started showing WALL-E on the boat and it took me a good 4 months before I even let the channel linger on it for more than 1 min.

Then 1 min became 5...then 10 ....then 15 min.

Then I knew I had to stop because I was watching it all out of sequence and was very confused.

Fast forward to Christmas '08.

Jeff gave me WALL-E and I screamed so loud people on my hall told me I woke them up.

I have never hugged a DVD before.

I hugged my WALL-E DVD.

I watched it that night and fell in love with him and MO all over again.

You see my whole life I have loved holding hands with people.

Guess who else loves that....WALL-E.

WALL-E lives for holding hands.

Some people don't like to hold hands (Jeff Griggs) and make comments like "Doesn't your hand get sweaty?"

The answer is No.

WALL-E is so considerate.

He always wants everyone around him to feel loved.

Even when he gets really sick at the end...he still introduces himself to MO.

Oh I love MO.

Anyone who owns the DVD should watch all the special features.

There was pretty much only one old man who created all the sounds for the entire movie and he is adorable and the way he goes about making the sounds is AMAZING.

I was really really upset when WALL-E didn't take home oscars for sound.

That man deserved it.

I mean there is hardly any talking in WALL-E.

The movie is dependent on those amazing sounds.

The other day I was talking to myself and Jeff was like "What are you doing?"

I got embarressed.

"I was practicing my WALL-E impersonation" I said sheepishly.

Jeff smiled.

Since then he has said numerous times that my WALL-E impersonations are dead on.

I will continue to tell the world about WALL-E.

I love him so very very much.


Timmy Tapeworm said...

I agree with everything said. WALL-E is amazing and Ben Burtt (the sound guy, who also did the sounds for Star Wars) should have won the Oscar and every other award for sound that the industry has to offer.

WALL-E is the best ever. EVER!

Adal Up and Ride said...

hey Jeannie!

Yes MOTO is absolutely incredible. For the full tour menu, tax, tip and a few wonky cocktails is was around $250/$275 I think.

It is the most fun you'll ever have eating.

I just ate at Alinea last night which is similar, it's molecular gastronomy but a little less weird. Amazing.