Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wish Lists

Its that time of year again where friends, family members and significant others ask you what you want for Christmas.

I always refer people to my Wish List!

I love Wish Lists!

I love thinking about things I could possible own but probable never will.

I used to put Trampoline on my list every year as a kid….I never got it but I loved putting it on my wish list and imagining I had it.

I also used to put entire American Girl Doll collections on my wish lists.

Like Samatha’s Birthday Party set…which probable cost over a 1,000 dollars.

P.S. How cute is the little girl in this photo!

I loved going through the JC Penny’s catalogue toy section and writing down things I liked from it.

My 18th birthday was really special!

My parents bought me everything on my list: from perfume to electronics, the works, it was amazing and I was very thankful.

This year my Dad asked me to start an Amazon.com wish list and I am going bonkers!

I now have a universal “Add to my Wish List” button which allows me to add anything anywhere on the internet to my wish list.

I mean I am adding everything!

Tonight I told Jeff “I don’t really expect anyone to get me anything off this list, I just love making wish lists!”

And Jeff was like “I know you always make wish lists.”

So if you need me to I can send you my Amazon.com wish list and depending how good a friend you consider me you can spend anywhere from $10-$250 on me =)

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