Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Whitney Houston and American Idol

Even though I haven’t lived in the U.S. for 6 months, I know that Idol Season is about to begin.

You know what that means…..

Someone is going to sing a Whitney Houston song and no matter how good they sing it they will get the same criticism “It wasn’t as good as Whitney.”

It happens every year.

Is there really no one who can sing a Whitney song as good as Whitney?

I thought Syesha from last year did a pretty good job with her Whitney song and so did Kat McPhee from the year before.

And still they were told “Nope….it wasn’t nearly as good as Whitney.”


I get it she has a great distinct voice but I mean so does pretty much every popular singer.

When an Idol contestant sings a Stevie Wonder song you never hear the judges say

“I mean you did good…but not as good as Stevie.”

Or for country week the girls always sing Martina McBride and you never hear the judges say

“You did o.k. but I just wish I could have heard Martina sing it herself she would have done it so much better.”

They ALWAYS say it about Whitney.

So let’s just agree to ban everyone from singing any Whitney Houston songs.

Now watch….she’s probably going to be a Celebrity Guest this year and ruin everything.


Angela said...

They always say the same thing about Celine Dion, too! ANNOYING!

Obsessions said...

You are correct Angela they do always say it about Celine!

Thank you