Saturday, December 27, 2008

My severe off and on obsession….Hello Kitty

If Hello Kitty was a religion Japan would be its Israel.

I was first introduced to Hello Kitty in 4th grade when my cousin took me to a Hello Kitty store while I was visiting her in Texas.

The store took my breath away.

Pens, stationary, candy, wallets…all with adorable colors and characters.

I fell in love.

I quickly realized that Hello Kitty stores weren’t just anywhere.

Back then one could only find them in select big cities.

I only visited Texas once every couple of years and each time I would hope we would make a trip to the mall so I could go to the Hello Kitty Store.


The first time I ever used the internet was in 6th grade when my friend Deana, a fellow Hello Kitty lover, got it at her house.

The first thing I ever looked up on the internet was “Hello Kitty Land” in quotes.

I had heard tall tales that there was an amusement park in Japan called Hello Kitty Land and that it was like Disneyland but just with Hello Kitty characters.

Deana and I waited for ages for the page to load….and sure enough there was a Hello Kitty Land.

I loved staring at the picture and imagining what kind of an enchanted place it would be.


Two years later my family and I moved to Japan and it was as if I had completed my Mecca to Hello Kitty Land .

I can not even begin to tell you how huge Hello Kitty is in Japan.

The U.S. will never import all the Hello Kitty merchandise the Japanese have to offer.

I mean sure now we have Hello Kitty waffle makers and T.V.’s

But in Japan they have Hello Kitty dishwashers and laundry machines.

Check out this Hello Kitty exhaust pipe.

I mean they just have EVERYTHING.

I spent a majority of my allowance in Japan on Hello Kitty.

In my parent's house I have 2 huge boxes of Hello Kitty tins that I have collected over the years.


After I moved back to the states, I sorta stopped loving Hello Kitty so much.

I would see it at Target and for a second my heart would leap but it was always such poor quality and I would think “I’ve lived among the Hello Kittians, I don’t need to desecrate my time in Japan by buying this cheap HK folder that would shame any giggling Japanese school girl."

So I stopped buying Hello Kitty stuff.

For good.

In college I would see girls with little Hello Kitty stuff here and there and my heart would pain and I would think “Maybe I’ll just go get a cool Hello Kitty cell phone holder.”

But then I would think “Really?” “Am I really about to get all into it again?” and I would change my mind.


This summer in NYC I stumbled across a Hello Kitty store in Time Square and made the mistake of entering.

Sure enough there was a ridiculously priced wallet that I fell in love with.

“No” I said “You are NOT about to buy a Hello Kitty wallet. Not now. Now after all you've been through. Jeannie you’ve been there you’ve done that. I mean I know that grown women like Hello Kitty but who’s to say its not the same as Hannah Montana or Dora the Explorer? Was I going to be a 25 year old woman still carrying a cartoon wallet?”

The answer is yes.

Jeff bought me the wallet for my birthday and I screamed with joy.

He knew I really wanted it.

I get compliments on it all the time.

Its just a nice big wallet and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

My brother sent me a pair of Hello Kitty pj’s for Christmas and I fully embraced them.

I am actually wearing them as we speak.

They’re adorable and they make me feel small.

I feel like I’m really young again and I love the feeling.

So, Hello Kitty and I are back on track.

I’m not going to go crazy like I did when I was younger.

No bed sheets or trash cans.

But a wallet…yes please.

An occasional pair of Hello Kitty pj’s…yes thank you very much.

Oh you adorable cat…what am I going to do with you ?


Tabs said...

Jeannie - you may or may not love this blog -

The wife of the guy that writes it has a Hello Kitty business and it makes him crazy.

AuDisher said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I should have told you this ages ago, but I love your blog. You are so funny. I also love Hello Kitty and was amazed when I saw the store in NYC.