Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners are possible the most important invention in the post-modern world.

My poor Aunt used to straighten her hair with a real iron on an actually ironing board!

Look how far modern science has come.

Using a straightener is as close as you can get to having a professional stylist in your own home.

Unless you are really good at blowing out your own hair….which hardly anyone is good at.

It has changed the way we look in photos!

It has made us closer to looking like Celebrities….in fact it has equalized us!

Jennifer Aniston's got nothing on me now.

Now when I first went to college I had a white Revlon hair straighter that I thought was amazing.

Then I did a musical with a beautiful girl named Marley who also did beauty pageant and she turned me on to THE CHI.

I never knew that there were different levels of hair straightners!!!!!!!

The Chi is amazing.

Something about its gold ceramic plates it just locks in shine and it makes your hair so straight.

After a year or two with The Chi my Momma bought me A Turbo Chi.

Over 2” of solid goodness with a heat dial that I always keep on the highest level.

Well its been a while and I think its time I upgrade.


This is the Rolex of hair straighteners and apparently is packaged as if it were a Gustav Klimt painting.

It looks like something Indiana Jones would be searching for in a temple.

Here are some of its features:

1.) It automatically turns off after 15 min.

2.) It knows how much heat to apply to each section.So if you straighten a front piece of hair and some of that piece gets in with the next clump you straighten it recognizes that that piece has already had heat applied

to it and it DOESN’T apply heat to it.

3.) It comes with an instruction video and can also do curls and loose waves.

I mean I want it to be my new best friend.

Its retailed at $240.

I know what you are thinking “But Jeannie your hair already looks straight.”

My hair is pretty straight but it has a wave to it and if I just blow dry it doesn’t look completely “Done” it looks

“I’m going to the grocery store” done but not “I have a show” done.

Ladies back me up here.

I’m addicted to my hair straightener. There’s no turning back.

Its definitely time for an upgrade.

It’s the most expensive thing on my amazon wish list.

But don’t worry I plan on getting it for myself and then giving my Mom my Turbo Chi.

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