Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gossip Girl....Oh Brother!

I am ashamed to tell my readers that I have almost finished watching Season 1 of Gossip Girl!!!!

Its not my fault its the only new show on the crew channels.

I'm practically being forced into watching this modern day Dawson's Creek.

Do I like the show?????

I mean No......but is it better than Filipino movies...Yes!!!!!!!

I will say I enjoy Blake Lively.

I don't actually think she is a real actress I just think she is a sunny, beautiful teenager that directors ask "Can I just film you being yourself?" and she's like "Sure oh my gosh I was just on my way to my friends house to eat Doritos and watch T.V. its like our Friday night tradish"

I also like Chuck Bass. Mainly I like saying his name.

What's so funny is that everyone is talking about this show on the boat because there is nothing else to talk about.

Me and my friend the fabulous Stacey Ward McAdams talked about it for an hour this morning at breakfast and he was like "Why? Why are we talking about this horrible show?"

Then a couple hours later I ran into him at an internet cafe and very loudly said "Spotted at Barefoot Buddah Stacey Ward McAdams." And pretended I was Gossip Girl. He laughed pretty hard.

Don't worry the Seasons almost over and I promise I won't watch it anymore.

Until then...


Truth Girl


Finlay said...

But season 2 is so much better!!!

Just wait! Jeannie the show is so good, because it knows it is over the top! I loves it!

All you need to do now is start watching "How I Met Your Mother"!

Obsessions said...

Fine you twisted my arm!

I'll watch season 2

Molls said...

I love this show. Don't be ashamed. Don't quit watching. Brian is right, you do need to start watching How I Met Your Mother!!!