Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fire Drill

Last Tuesday I got off the boat in St. Thomas and turned on my cell phone since I get service there.

It immediate started to ring.

I didn’t recognize the number but picked it up anyway.

“Hello?” I said.

It was an automated voice from my old office alerting me that there was a fire drill going on.

I immediately started laughing and told Jeff about it.

Then after a few minuets passed I started getting concerned.

I was the person in charge of fire drills….was the building unaware of my absence?

Who was going to clear everyone out?

Who was going to put yellow post-its on the doors so that the firemen would know those rooms had been


I then went into full on Admin Mode.

I called my boss.

She said everything was fine and we had a good laugh about it.

After I hung up I started feeling all nostalgic about my old office.

“Jeff I miss my old office.” I said.

Jeff looked at me like I was crazy.

This is probable because of all the stories I used to tell him.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE ADMIN.

I am actually obsessed with being an Office Manager.

I love it and I’m good at it.

But the job comes with a lot of unnecessary baggage.

You are basically viewed as a maid in everyone’s mind except fellow admin people.

I mean I was friends with everyone.

Some better than others but at any point in the day my not so good friends would ask me to do things


For instance….

I could never be in the break room when anybody else was there because the complaints would be non-stop.

“Is there anyway we can make the diet coke colder.”

“We’re out of decaf hazelnut, I know we have 20 other varieties to choose from but I only drink that one =( (People would literally make a frowny face at me)”

“Can we get Splenda? And Equal? And Sweet n Low? And Raw Sugar? I use all of those”

“Ohhhhhhhh can we get an espresso machine?”

“You know what would be great if you could label all the condiments in the refrigerator then you could throw them out when they are bad?”

“Someone’s chocolate Atkins shake has been in there for months. It really bothers me. Can we throw it away?”

“Swedish fish….again =(

“I put 4 york peppermint patties in the freezer yesterday and they are gone do you know who ate them.”

“Can we get some fresh juice? Not that Snapple junk I mean like fresh squeezed juice?”

“You ordered pretzels….again =(

“Agh do we have to use Styrofoam cups they are so bad for the environment.” (Said person then throws out diet coke can instead of recycling it because when I told them to wash it out they said it takes too long.)

“Can you collect all the coke reward labels off all the soda for me? My boyfriend and I are saving up for a Wii or a trip to Cabo?”

“I’m pretty sure someone ate my Lean Cuisine because I specifically bought a Butternut Squash Ravioli and there’s only a Lemon Pepper Chicken one in there.”

“Is there anyway we could get healthier snacks.”

“Hi I know I am transferring offices but could you still collect the coke reward labels and mail them to me?”

“Can we get Starbucks coffee?”

“Can we get Dunkin Donut coffee?”

“Ohhhh can we set up like a chart where someone every Friday brings donuts and bagels for everyone?”

“I know you got granola bars but those are really healthy. Can we please get some healthy snacks?”

I mean the complaints were never ending.

And this is only like a quarter of the ones I used to get about the break-room.

Imagine how many more I got about the rest of the office and don’t even get me started about the bathroom…which wasn’t even under my jurisdiction!

But however crazy it was sometimes…I miss my old offices =(.

And even though I don’t work there anymore, I would still save everyone’s life in a fire emergency.

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