Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fantasia Barrino for Chrismas Please

Since this Wednesday is Christmas, the boat has decided to put on a Christmas show for the passengers.

James and I are performing a funny scene and the rest of the show is a lot of singing and dancing.

Today I noticed on the R/O (Running Order) that one of the songs was “When you Believe.”

I’m sure most of you remember that as the finale song from the season of American Idol that Fantasia won.

“Please tell me Fantasia is going to be on the ship this week.” I said today during rehearsal.

Can you imagine.

Fantasia flying in on a helicopter to perform on my cruise ship for Christmas.

Most people around me didn’t know who I was talking about.

I love Fantasia.

I know she’s crazy.

I mean did anyone see her performance on Idol last year?

HellO it was insane!

Youtube it.

It was really awful.

But I still love her.

Alas I was informed that the principle singers were singing the song “When you Believe” from the movie Prince of Egypt.

I just want Fantasia to know that on Christmas I will in the wings imagining her cutting loose and going crazy on the stardust theatre stage.

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