Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cirque de Soleil

I am not flexible.

I can’t touch my toes.

I’ve never been able to do the splits or a cartwheel.

My body is just not flexible.

This doesn’t mean I’m not athletic.

I played sports my whole life and was even voted Most Athletic Sophomore year of High School.

I especially love Volleyball and Basketball.

But I have always been obsessed with friends of mine who are flexible and can do “Tricks”

Well about a month ago the boat started playing Cirque de Soleil shows on all the crew channels and I saw like 5 of them.

These shows are CHOCK FULL of TRICKS!!!!!!!

These people are amazing.

They can bend and fly and hold themselves up on ribbons.

And they never look tired…..ever!

One Woman does ballet on light bulbs. She is so light she doesn’t even break light bulbs.

Then there are these 3 Asian girls who catch and throw this wooden top looking thing.

One of them literally ran up the other ones back and stood on her shoulders.

How do you vertically run up another person’s back?!?!?!?!?!?!

I’m pretty sure I missed my calling.

What I love about improv is that I can pretend to be really good at gymnastics.

One night on the boat my suggestion was cartwheel and I kept throwing my body into one and my friend Tim would help me by lifting my legs up and positioning me into one then letting me go.

It was exhilarating.

When I was in 6th grade my Mom signed me up for a gymnastics class for beginners but all the girls already knew how to do basic tumbling passages.

The first thing the coach made us do was front handsprings.


I mean I couldn’t even do a somersault and he wanted me to do a front handspring.

So I threw my body into one and landed SMACK with my back flat on the mat.

I saw my Mother watching me with wide eyes threw the glass.

I got up and kept doing them but then when I reached the end of the mat I ran out of the gym, never to return.

My Mom said if I wanted I could have private lessons.

Looking back it would have been fun to at least learn a cartwheel but gymnastics are just not my thing and that’s ok =)

I think you have to be born with it.

I have also made so many friends who are exactly like me.

My best friends Becca can’t do anything either.

I remember once we were at work, it was an accounting firm and we were by my reception desk trying to hold our legs up at our side like a cheerleading move and we were just laughing because we were so bad.

Then our friend Mindy walked by and IN HER WORK CLOTHES did a one handed cartwheel.

It was amazing.

My friends Sara and Anne and I used to have lots of sleepovers together and Anne and I would try to hold our legs up and do cheerleading moves and we would just tumble over and Sara was AMAZING at doing them and Anne and I would be like “NO FAIR”.

I love watching people do gymnastic tricks!

You are officially amazing in my book and I am a tiny bit jealous of you!

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