Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Amazing Race

Jeff got me into the Amazing Race, a reality show about teams of 2 that set out on a race of the world for 1 million dollars.

I am obsessed with the Amazing Race and thanks to Tivo and DVR I never miss an episode.

The Amazing Race is so good that it wins the Emmy every year for “Best Reality T.V. Show.”

And boy does it deserve it.

I think I like the Amazing Race more than Survivor.

Phil, the host is so good.

My friend Curt and I love when he describes Detours and Roadblocks which are challenges along the way that contestants have to complete.

He always pops up out of the weirdest places.

Like the camera will have a shot of a well and Phil will pop out of it and be like “In this Roadblock challengers have to use an old fashion well to gather water for a village.”

He is so funny.

The Amazing Race all together is a very funny show because the teams make so many mistakes along the way.

Nobody ever read the clues right.

People always take taxis when they were supposed to walk on foot.

Its super funny and agonizing all at the same time.

I am torn between who I would want to be my partner.

My first choice would be Jeff…but then I think that me and my brother would make a good team and it would be fun to spend so much time together.

Then I think me and my friend Anne would be pretty hilarious to watch.

Gosh I just don’t know.

Jeff downloaded this past season for us to watch on the boat.

Poor Jeff it took so much work for him to get all those episodes and he says he will never do it again.

But me and Tim really enjoyed watching them.

Tim also enjoys the show.

He actually came up with the idea of him being on the show as a host that yells at people when they make mistakes.

Tim gets really frustrated when the contestants make so many mistakes.

“Obviously they should be looking on the internet for better flights right now. I mean COME ON,” screams Tim.

Sometimes Tim calls me and he doesn’t even say hi he just goes right into it “Jeannie, she’s getting pelted with

paint and grabbing all the clues when she only needs to grab one I MEAN COME ON.”

It always cracks me up.


My all time favorite Amazing Race team is of course

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emily's paper airplane said...

I LOVE THE AMAZING RACE. i tried out with tim a few years ago and i totally want to try out with my brother! but you know, you and i could try out as reunited friends or something...

happy new year!