Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 Annoyances in Movies

I have always watched a lot of T.V

And I love watching movies.

That love has only increased since I arrived on this ship.

I watch T.V. on DVD and movies all day and night.

Some very good and some very bad.

I have thus come up with 3 things that I cannot see in movies ANYMORE.

I’m serious they need to be banned from screen plays everywhere.

I’m serious they need to be banned from screen plays everywhere.

1.) Foam from a cappuccino on an upper lip of a person who “doesn’t realize it. - I am so so sick of this happening in shows and movies. This is the 21st century “mustard on the side of the mouth” bit. I don’t know about you but I always know when there is something on my face. And furthermore I don’t think it’s cute when a partner, friend or love interest point it out to me. I get embarrassed. I have seen this lame scene in awful shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S (That’s right I just called that show awful) but I have also seen it in good movies like Notes on a Scandal. If memory recalls they even had it in this summer’s blockbuster “Sex in the City”. Remember Cythia Nixon has a huge and I mean HUGE dollop of foam on her nose and her husband just chuckles and she yells at him “What?” and then he points to her nose and it’s after that that her character calms down and realizes she needs to appreciate the simpler things in life?!???!?! No! I won’t stand for it. Stop this in films immediately.

2.) Man sees his Best Gal Pal in a wedding dress and suddenly realizes he loves her- Let me set the stage for you. Best Gal Pal asks Man Friend to go pick up wedding dress since for whatever reason every friend she has is busy and apparently it takes more than one person to pick up a dress for oneself. Man and Gal Pal laugh all the way to the dress show, laugh while picking up dress…what’s that she needs to try it on to makes sure it fits..fine they laugh through that to. They even crack casual jokes while she changes. But once she comes out in that wedding gown his smile slowly goes down and he says “I never should have let you go. I love you.” ?????? Really?????? I think he would have realized he loved her a long time ago. And what’s with all the jokes??? Stop cracking jokes in wedding dress shop scenes.

And finally….this is the most important one

3.) Men in their 30’s palling around with a 12 year old- Stop it!!!!! Stop it now!!!!! I am so tired of these movies about a man who is trying to find himself in his 30’s and befriends some neighborhood 12 year old boy or girl. I don’t know anyone who has a 12 year old friend. Let me give you an example. Ashton Kutcher in “What Happens in Vegas” he is having woman problems with Cameron Diaz and one day she comes to see his little league team play and as she walks about one of the children Sammy I think says “She’s not that bad coach.” And Cameron is like “What is she talking about?” Then Ashton gets a big smile on his face and says “I tell Sammy everything.” !?!????????!?! Excuse me. You discuss your personal life with a 12 year old girl on the little league team you coach. Umm the next scene should be the arrest of Ashton’s character…what else is he telling Sammy?

Tonight I asked Jeff “Jeff have you EVER had a friend who was 12 years old in your 30’s”

“Only Brett.” He responded

Case and Point.


Finlay said...

Sally Field sees Pierce Brosnan with foam on her lip in Mrs. Doubtfire. Very lame.

But Friends is not by any means awful. Perhpas you need to give it another go...?

Lindsay said...

I can't believe I just discovered your blog! I put a link to it on mine:)

I hope things are good over there in the Atlantic and hope you have a Merry Christmas!!


Coxworth said...

You do NOT need to give Friends another chance. You are right. It is awful. It is the lowest form of comedy, except for 2.5 Men.