Friday, November 7, 2008

Barbies...Childhood and early Teen Obsession

This is a picture of me in front of the Barbie section of Toys R Us in NYC.

My best friend Anne and I often talk about how much we played with Barbies.

My Mother kept my Barbies in a huge Rubber Maid bin.

I played with them everyday and it was always the same scenario: I put all my Barbies in my Barbie Ferrari and I drove them to Hawaii for a vacation. Same scenario every time without fail.

On occasion I filled up my sink with water and sat all my Barbies around it and let them have a pool party.

I only did that when I was going to wash their hair afterward.

That was my favorite part of having Barbies was doing their hair!!!

I had a good amount of clothes and shoes for my Barbies but I never had the dream house or any other sort of scenic backdrops.

It is so crazy how much stuff they have for Barbie now!

I could have had the whole gang get summer jobs at McDonald's!
Look at the detail in this bathroom set! The little trash can and the tiny handle on the toilet!
And forget my sink...look at this pool! Slide and all.

Looking back I am so happy they didn't have any of this stuff because it allowed me to use my imagination!

I also want to thank my Mom for keeping my Barbies safe for me all these years!

I know they are in the laundry room I saw them the last time I was home!

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