Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Survivor Buff....obsessed

About a month ago I was walking in NYC and I noticed Survivor Buffs in the window of the CBS store.

For some reason the store was closed but I vowed that I would come back and buy one.

Well I did and I wore it to the beach!

Only one person asked me if I was actually on Survivor and I had to tell her no.

I love the show Survivor. Jeff has really gotten me hooked on it.

Its just an interesting study of people and its amazing to see trends that arise in every season regardless of race, age, or sex.

I would die if I was on Survivor.

You know how in the opening the cast mates are always on boats and then they all have to swim to shore?

Well I don’t think I would even make it to shore.

I think on the boat I would change my mind and be like “I can’t do this.”

Its for this very reason that I almost want to do Survivor just to see how far I can push myself.

I mean I can’t even push myself to do over 30 min. cardio…but I wonder if I was in the presence of Jeff Probst…..would I try harder?

I think I would make great friends with everyone and would really limit my lying.

I don’t lie.

I also think I would really try and entertain people so that they would keep me around just so they wouldn’t get bored.

Also I would always help keep camp clean!

As for things I would not do…..

I know I would never be able to find the hidden immunity idol.

I would also never get the immunity necklace.

I mean never say never but those challenges are so hard.

If I was on Survivor I would list my occupation as “Receptionist” because I don’t think people would understand “Improvisor” as a title.

Plus its always the losers who list their occupation as “Comedian” or even worse “Clown”

I remember there was one season of the Amazing Race where they had these two guys who were listed as “Clowns” and they were just constantly trying so hard to be funny and goofy and it was just so uncomfortable to watch.

I would however try and do some fun improv games on the island to try and keep morale up.

There’s nothing like a round of “Bad Rap” after your team looses a challenge.

Or even better Categories.

After a tribal council I would be like “O.k. guys lets make a circle…Joe, 5 things you wish you could have said at tribal council…..go.”

(P.S. I am going to vote this guy off Elbow Beach in Bermuda for no reason at all)

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Finlay said...

I really want to be on Survivor! Like really badly want to be on it. I'm a tad jealous you have a Survivor buff. If you have any suggestions for what I can do for a video to get on the show I would love to hear it!