Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rock obsession just a story

On my last day in St. John, Canada, Jeff and I went to the local internet hang out Orbits.

Orbits is a pretty rad place. They have high speed internet as well as huge T.V you can watch or play video games on.

It seemed like a updated version of The Max from Save by the Bell.

In fact I’m pretty sure the guys working there are like 16 years old.
(P.S. What happened to this actor? Remember he would do awful magic tricks on the show!)
Well I was eating my lunch and noticed some high school boys playing Rock Band. One was playing the guitar controller and the other was on the drums so I walked up behind them and was like “Hey do you guys need a singer?”

Neither one of them responded.

So I asked them again and the guy on the drums turned around and was like “What?” then he quickly turned back to the T.V. and got really mad because I guess I made him mess up.

Within seconds both of them failed the song and blamed me!!!!!!!!!!

I told them I was sorry! I mean I’m really good at those games so I would have been an asset.

They pretty much dissed me the whole time but before they left I told them they needed to check out that South Park Episode where the characters play Guitar Hero and take it way too seriously.

Calm down guys!

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