Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kaylia Morten...dancer extraordinaire

Well two weeks ago I said good bye to the old Jar cast (a.k.a. the dancers on the ship).

I miss them =( Especially Matt, Bodie and April.

I took some pictures of them doing their White Hot Party Dance.

I was wearing a very modest black dress (I actually call it my Debate dress...because I would wear it if I had to do a Debate....and by Debate I mean the improv game Debate where you send two people out of a room and then come up with their debate topic and then call them back in the room and they have to guess what they are debating about by trying to figure out the clues people are feeding them through pantomime) and one of the dancers said I looked like a Mom.

Up until that moment I thought my dress was cool….

One of my favorite dancers Kaylia, in her Australian accent was like “Actually Jeannie you really do look like my Mom.”

So I was like “Well lets take a photo Kaylia and I’ll put it on my blog.”

Then Kaylia was like “Oh my Mother reads your Blog!”

Somehow her Mom stumbled across my blog and has been reading ever since.

Well I just want to dedicate this blog to Kaylia and her Mom.

Kaylia is such a gorgeous dancer. She is the best Witchy Woman EVER!

Thanks for reading the blog ladies!

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Anonymous said...

Jeannie!!HahaI love it!!It's a shame we are no longer at sea mum misses the updates!How r u??k