Wednesday, October 8, 2008


During my last week in New England Brett came to visit!

If was so fun hanging out with him again.

Jeff and I realized we hadn’t hung out with him since like February cause that was when he first went on a boat.

Then when he got back Jeff and I left.

So it felt like a reunion.

We hung out in Bar Harbor…our old stomping ground and Brett meet us at the dock.

I think the thing that made me laugh the most about Brett’s visit was that he ate before he met up with us.

Jeff and I got off at the dock gave him hugs and then I was like “O.k. so where should we eat?” and Brett was like “Oh I already ate.” And I was like “But its only 11:00” and Jeff was like “What did you think we were going to do together?”

It was so funny and so Brett.

However he did take us on a lovely ride through the mountains.

The leaves are finally beginning to change colors!

Then the 3 of us and our friend April ate at the delicious (and overpriced) Jordan’s Pond House where we had Popovers.

After we ate we headed over to Improv Acadia and hung out with our friends Jen and Larrance.

It was so much fun seeing Brett and Jen pick on each other!

It reminded me of old times.

I can’t wait to hear stories about them on a boat together this winter.

We got to see Brett in Boston as well and of course there was a horrible thunderstorm and we got drenched.

Thankfully Brett lent me some of his pants!!!

We ate at Ye Olde Restaurant and just drove around the city. It was nice being in a car.

Brett is one of my best friends and I hope to see him again real soon.

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