Sunday, September 7, 2008

W.B. Mason

This post is dedicated to my best friend and old boss Becca.

While in Boston I stumbled across a W.B. Mason delivery truck and immediatly told Jeff to take a picture of it.

At my old office job I used to have to order office supplies from W.B. Mason.

It was always a nightmare.

You see W.B. Mason is an east coast company and since our head office was located on the east coast we had to order supplies from them even though our office was in Chicago.

I used to open up brown boxes and there would just be crumbled up paper in it because what would happen was they would ship us cartons of paper that would then break upen and explode because they were never wrapped properly for an across the country trip.

So once the cartons of paper exploded UPS would just take the paper out and shove it in a big brown box.......since that makes so much sense.

We were constanly missing things in our order and I was always trying to contanct their customer service people.

Jeannie: "Hi I need to talk to someone from customer service"
Operator: "O.k. sure then me give you Debra's email."

So then I would email Debra and it would always come back saying she was on vacation.

So I would call again, and again and again.

Then I would get someone elses email and it would be returned back as a Mailer Demon.


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Rebecca said...

I almost fell out of my chair at work when I saw the WB Mason picture!!!
I want to print that off and keep it in my cube.

To defend WB Mason, which I can't believe that I am doing, the paper's been in better condition lately. Maybe all your emails and calls paid off!

Work isn't the same without you :(