Friday, September 12, 2008

Spas....Ongoing Obsession

Ever since I can remember I have loved Spas!

When I was younger my Mom used to give me mini massages after my sports game or if I had shin splits.

She had a friend who was a masseuse and got me a gift certificate for a full body massage when I was in high school.

Since then I have been hooked!

I just love massages, mani pedis, and thermal baths.

I could live at a spa….just like Bubbles Devere

Since spas are very expensive I have also become obsessed with spa literature.

I just enjoy reading what different spas have to offer and then in my head I imagine what it would be like to have it done to me.

I even know where a spa is located at each stop our cruise ship makes.

My friend and cast mate Katie recently came up to me and said “Jeannie, I hear you know where a spa is at ever port we dock that true?”

I then rattled off every spa I knew and where it was located.

What can I say it’s a gift.

In Chicago my friends and I used to visit A Thousand Waves Spa on Belmont.

For $20 you have access to their beautiful Jacuzzi, a steam room and a lovely cedar oil sauna.

They even have a relaxation room with organic teas, magazines and tatami mats to sleep on.

Something else I enjoy is hearing about other people’s spa experiences.

One time my best friend Becca told me that she was going to get a massage after work and I said “Becca Anne you must remember everything about your experience so that you can tell me all about it tomorrow.”

Then Becca said “Well I am having a male masseuse which will be interesting.”

I was like “Becca are you sure you are going to feel comfortable with a male masseuse.”

“No I’m not worried at all about it.” She said.

Well the next day Becca came into the office and was like “Jeannie I couldn't get what you said about the male masseuse out of my head! I didn't relax at all!”

Whoopsie! Sorry Becca Anne.

I could never go to a male masseuse.

Tony, the Serbian personal trainer on the boat who I mentioned plays Celebrity with us, enjoys giving massages, however he is very blunt with his comments.

He has been known to massage a few dancers and make comments like “Kaitlin….you have a real potential to be fat.”

I have scheduled myself an entire Spa Day in St. Johns at a place called “Ambiance Spa..An Aveda Concept”

I am so excited. I am going to be there 4 and ½ hours.

I’m getting a Caribbean detoxifying body mask and a Caribbean Manicure and Pedicure!

Don’t worry I’ll blog all about it.

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