Sunday, September 21, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance....and Chelsie Hightower

I have been obsessed with the T.V. show So you think you can dance (also known in smaller circles as SYTYCD) since the day I called in sick to work and stumbled upon a marathon of the show.

I have zero flexibility and cannot dance but I love watching people who can!

Well I have missed the entire season since I have been out to sea however recently I have been you tubing my favorite contestant from try-out week.

Her name is Chelsie Hightower and she is just amazing.

I knew from her audition that she would make it to the top 10 and I was right however she did not win =(

Chelsie I am so sorry I was out of the country and was unable to vote for you!

I totally would have text voted for you like a billion times.

Please keep dancing and post some you tube videos because I just can't get enough of how great you are!


Speaking of dancers.....

As we speak 25 new dancers are arriving on the ship today!

The dancers on the ship are referred to as Jars since they work for the Jean Anne Ryan Company.

This is the last week for our other 25 Jar friends so since there are going to be 40+ Jars onboard this week everyone calling it Jarmageddon!!!

My friend Tim and I really want them to have a dance off.

We also want them to dance for their life just like on SYTYCD!

Dance for you life is where each dancer gets to dance for like 45 seconds and show off their best moves and tricks to try and prevent them from being sent home.

On several occasions Tim and I have casually asked the dancers if they would think about putting on a show just for us where we could watch each of them dance in their favorite styles.

Alas none of them have ever said yes to that project.

Also no matter how casually we ask, I think I just come off looking crazy to them!

But I mean I just love watching dance!

I stumbled across Bodie's (the dance captain on the ships) myspace page and he offers dance workshops so I emailed him requesting one....and he thought I was joking.

Bodie I really wanted that workshop =)

I guess the only place I will be able to dance freely is in my improv show.

So far this cruise I have gotten the suggestion to breakdance 3 times and Tim and I attempted to swing dance in a scene last week that left both of us so out of breath I could barely intro the next game.

My dancing always = laughter! Because I am so bad!

But I am also soooo committed!

I just wanna dance!

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