Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Laura Martin

I got to see my good friend from UVA, Laura Martin in NYC this weekend.

Laura and I first met when we both took Musical Theatre 201.

She blew me away with her redition of “What do I have that I don’t have.”

And we both had on the same coat!

Do you remember that Laura? It was the brown corduroy one.

I knew we would be fast friends.

Laura and I first starred together in Nine which was actually done at Live Arts, the community theatre in Charlottesville.

Thankfully Laura picked me up and drove me to every rehearsal and show.

Laura’s car always had an empty frozen yogurt cup in it because she used to eat is everyday.

She would even stop by Arches, the best fro yo place in Charlottesville, to pick up some before and after rehearsal.

She was just a great person to get rides from!

We also shared vanity stations in the dressing room and got to chat and gossip all the time.

Coincidentally Laura and I were also cast in the musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

Like most musicals there were lots of scenes where towns people had to talk amongst themselves and Laura and I always had the most delicious dialogue and we always talked about doilies.

In fact I was obsessed with doilies because of Laura Martin.

So I got to see Laura in NYC and she graciously met Jeff and I at a Burger King where we get free internet.

Then we had a wonderful lunch at an Italian restaurant.

Actually we were just walking down the street looking for somewhere to eat and Laura was like “Look that place has a vespa in it…..lets just eat there…I really like the vespa.”

Knowing that Laura is the connoisseur of frozen yogurts I asked her “Is there a Pinkberry’s around here.”

Pinkberry’s as you know is a popular frozen yogurt place in L.A. and is featured a lot on The Hills.

Laura made a face and was like “Yeah there’s one around here….I actually don’t like it.”

I was surprised! From what I have heard everyone likes Pinkberry's.

We finished our meal and walked over to Pinkberry's.

It had that same fluorescent appeal as Jamba Juice.

Like as soon as you walk in you feel like you are in California but then the decor makes you feel like you are in The Jetsons.

The girl behind the counter reminded me of a typical server from Jamba Juice.

She banged her fists on the counter and in her cheeriest voice said "What can I swirl for you."

I was about to order when Laura looked at me with crossed arms and said "You better get a sample."

So I did....and boy am I glad because that stuff is disgusting.

I had to tell the server that I didn't want anything (her face totally fell) and Laura and I left.

Laura is a great friend and she is so hilarious.

I love being around her because she likes to have fun.

But don’t let her fool you, she is an extremely hard worker and happens to work for a famous designer.

I love hearing about her life because Laura always attacks life with a smile on her face!

I have seen her twice this year and hope I can see her again soon.

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