Sunday, September 7, 2008


We finally got a game of Celebrity going last Sunday...and my team won!
I must have sent out over 30 invites all over the ship but only 9 people showed up =(
It was still great fun.
There were some great moments.
Toni a personal trainer from Serbia played and didn't recognize a single celebrity!
For Crocodile Dundee he said "Ummmma Creature who lives in River" and Katie totally knew what he was talking about which I thought was amazing.
Toni also put in a lot of Serbian Celebrities....which were incredible difficult to get but I sure know a lot more about Serbia now.
It was great fun and I can't wait till we do it again. A waiter even came in periodically to serve us Pina Coladas and Banana Smoothies. I felt so regal.
My team of winners insisted on picking me up for our winners only photo.
I informed them that the last time I was picked up was during a high school production of "Into the Woods" in which the boys of the cast attempted to pick me up and then dropped me. But they insisted so I was picked up and happily not droppped

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Rebecca said...

I would have showed up to play Celebrity...
But I would have been scared if Brian was there. He is intense with the rules. :)