Friday, September 12, 2008

Celebrity Take 2

Well word got out about our last Celebrity Party and this time around we had 30 people play!!!

It was a very fiery game and by that I mean there was a lot of laughing, fighting and poor sportsman like behavior.

My favorite interpretation of the night was that of Scottie Pippen.
For some reason nobody but us Second City Folk knew who Scottie Pippen was.

Any time someone picked Mr. Pippen’s name from the hat people would say things like

“ It’s a country next to France….” Trying to get people to guess Scotland…which still is just not enough of a connection for one to guess Scottie Pippen.

If I didn’t know who Scottie Pippen was I would have tried to get them to guess Scottie toilet paper…and then get them to guess what musical featured the song “Corner in the Sky”.

Fortunately I know the entire ‘98 Bulls roster by heart.

Here is a list of Celebrities I believe need to be retired from the game because they are just so easy to guess:

1.) Britney Spears
2.) Angelina Jolie
3.) Pres. And VP picks in the upcoming election
4.) Michael Jordan
5.) Oprah
6.) Michael Jackson
7.) Pamela Anderson
8.) George Clooney
9.) Victoria and David Beckham
10.) Tom Cruise

Can you think of any others?


Kent on Clark said...


Jill said...

Please tell me the person who gave the clue "next to France" doesn't really think Scotland is next to France?!

Semi-regular reader, first-time commenter, btw :) (Hi!)

Finlay said...

Please retire Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. This blog makes me miss our Celebrity days!