Sunday, September 7, 2008


Boston was so much fun! It reminded me of a much smaller Chicago.

Jeff and I walked 8 miles all along The Freedom Trail which was a very historic walk indeed.

I love American history so much, especially the Revolutionary War.

It has always been my favorite thing to study.
This is where the Boston Tea Party took place.

And this is where the Boston Massacre took place.

Here I am at the Old North Church. That is where they hung laterns in the window to let everyone know if the British were coming by land or sea...."One if by land, Two if by sea"

What I liked about the church was that everyone got their own little box to sit in.

This is Paul Revere's House. He was infamous for his Midnight Ride where he went riding in the town shouting "The British are coming".

His house was kinda hard to find so I went into a small Italian shop and asked the owner were Paul Revere's house was and he responded by saying "Why you lookin for him, he ain't home."

I thought he was very funny and very Italian.

This is the Old State House where old timey revolutionaries met and discussed government.

Boston was just so cute it had shops and restaurants all over the place.

It is going to be my favorite place to visit during the month of September.

It was so much fun to see men bickering behind fruit stands with thick Boston accents saying things like "Otto told me to set up the stand here IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT GO TALK TO OTTO"

I was like "Jeff this is exactly what I imagined Boston would be like!"

The last think I did in Boston was take in a break dance show.

There is nothing like a good pop and lock routine.

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