Friday, September 12, 2008

Ambiance Spa...My Day in Heaven

I give Ambiance Spa 5 out of 5 stars.

It was the most amazing spa experience I have ever had.

First of all the spa is incredible warm and cozy.

The receptionist lead me to a lovely waiting room until Jessica my aestetition , for the day, came to get me.

She lead me to my room and told me “Before we get started I just want to clean your feet.”

She put my feet in a basin and poured warm water over them from a beautiful pitcher.

Then she scrubbed my feet with some sort of Aveda scrub that smelled like lime and sugar.

Then she left the room and I got onto the table.

Then she dry exfoliated my entire body.

It was at this point that I asked Jessica if she had ever been to Prince Edward Island (The birthplace of Anne of Green Gables). She informed me that she used to go there all the time with her family and that it was also her favorite movie.

From that point on I knew Jessica was a kindred spirit. I asked her a million questions about P.E.I and she answered every single one.

After the exfoliation, Jessica painted me with a self warming seaweed mask. Once she was done she wrapped me up in a cocoon and massaged my head and feet with tangerine and vanilla oil.

Then I took a lovely shower! Then she massaged me again with a Caribbean Cream.

Then she brought me Aveda tea which is amazing and I am going to buy some. It is made with peppermint and licorice.

Then I got a Caribbean Manicure.

First Jessica brought me out these sets of nail colors that were actually painted onto fake nails so you could just place your nails underneath to see how the color would look on you as opposed to having to actually paint a little on.

Then I got more tea.

Then she like gave me a massage, clay masked my hands, placed them in warming mittens, cleaned them, put lotion on, and painted them.

At one point during our conversation I was like “Oh I’m hungry”.

Jessica then looked up and was like “Would you like me to bring you menu from the restaurant next door? You can eat while I get you a pedicure.”

My brain then exploded and I said yes and was soon brought a delicious salad on a lovely bed and breakfast style wooded tray and more tea.

My pedicure took place in a different room where the chairs reclined so that you were actually in a laying down position with your feet in the air.

Jessica then brought me an amazing selection of gossip magazines…and those aren't cheap in Canada. An U.S. Weekly in Canada is like $6.

Finally it was time for me to leave.

Upon leaving Jessica asked me if I wanted a make-over…she said “Its just something we like to end with”.

Unfortunately I had to get back to the ship.

I hope that when I get to Heaven it is like the Ambiance Spa.

A big thank you to Jessica for making my day so special.

I really want to go back. They are so reasonable priced.

Next time you are in St. John, Canada make sure you stop by.

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Angela said...

That seriously just made my mouth water. I'm so jealous!!