Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Number Munchers

Number Munchers was my favorite computer game as a kid.

At St. Mary's Catholic School in Alexandria, VA, we would have computer class twice a week and I would be so excited to play Number Munchers.

No one else was as excited as I was.

In line I would be like jumping out of my uniform. And I would be like "Are you guys ready to play Number Munchers???" And everyone would be like "I mean I guess so."

Very few people remember this game but my friend Alan was also a fan.

This is my friend Alan.

He is sooooooooooooooooooo funny and soooooooooooooo smart.

He is also already famous because he is on the IMDB.


Alan and his friends write the most hilarious sketch comedy EVER.

They also make hilarious movies. They are just all going to be so famous and I so badly want into their club.

I actually did shoot a short film project with them this year! I can't wait to see it.

Alan and Co. did a sketch show this year for Chicago Sketch Fest and I was front and center in the audience laughing so hard I was crying.

They did this scene where they were having a guy's sleep over and my other good friend Guillermo was like "Hey Guys do you want to play shout it out."

And they proceeded to play a game similar to guitar hero except you just had to shout into microphones and see who could shout louder.

They like even made all the graphics for the video game and everything!

Then when they got too loud Guillermo said "Guys I think we need to keep it down, my little sister is getting her school pictures tomorrow and I want her to look her best."

Jeff and I still talk about how funny that line is.

p.s. here is a funny Alan video http://www.new.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=514640973687&subj=633564644

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance....and Chelsie Hightower

I have been obsessed with the T.V. show So you think you can dance (also known in smaller circles as SYTYCD) since the day I called in sick to work and stumbled upon a marathon of the show.

I have zero flexibility and cannot dance but I love watching people who can!

Well I have missed the entire season since I have been out to sea however recently I have been you tubing my favorite contestant from try-out week.

Her name is Chelsie Hightower and she is just amazing.

I knew from her audition that she would make it to the top 10 and I was right however she did not win =(

Chelsie I am so sorry I was out of the country and was unable to vote for you!

I totally would have text voted for you like a billion times.

Please keep dancing and post some you tube videos because I just can't get enough of how great you are!


Speaking of dancers.....

As we speak 25 new dancers are arriving on the ship today!

The dancers on the ship are referred to as Jars since they work for the Jean Anne Ryan Company.

This is the last week for our other 25 Jar friends so since there are going to be 40+ Jars onboard this week everyone calling it Jarmageddon!!!

My friend Tim and I really want them to have a dance off.

We also want them to dance for their life just like on SYTYCD!

Dance for you life is where each dancer gets to dance for like 45 seconds and show off their best moves and tricks to try and prevent them from being sent home.

On several occasions Tim and I have casually asked the dancers if they would think about putting on a show just for us where we could watch each of them dance in their favorite styles.

Alas none of them have ever said yes to that project.

Also no matter how casually we ask, I think I just come off looking crazy to them!

But I mean I just love watching dance!

I stumbled across Bodie's (the dance captain on the ships) myspace page and he offers dance workshops so I emailed him requesting one....and he thought I was joking.

Bodie I really wanted that workshop =)

I guess the only place I will be able to dance freely is in my improv show.

So far this cruise I have gotten the suggestion to breakdance 3 times and Tim and I attempted to swing dance in a scene last week that left both of us so out of breath I could barely intro the next game.

My dancing always = laughter! Because I am so bad!

But I am also soooo committed!

I just wanna dance!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I live in the crew area of the ship....which I love but I never get an Andes Mint on my pillow.

Everyday I walk through passenger areas and see their Room Stewards turning down their beds and placing Andes Mints on their pillows and my mouth starts to salivate because I want one so bad.

So last week in Boston I bought a carton of Andes Mints at CVS........
and I ate them all.

I will never ever want an Andes Mint ever again.

Laura Martin

I got to see my good friend from UVA, Laura Martin in NYC this weekend.

Laura and I first met when we both took Musical Theatre 201.

She blew me away with her redition of “What do I have that I don’t have.”

And we both had on the same coat!

Do you remember that Laura? It was the brown corduroy one.

I knew we would be fast friends.

Laura and I first starred together in Nine which was actually done at Live Arts, the community theatre in Charlottesville.

Thankfully Laura picked me up and drove me to every rehearsal and show.

Laura’s car always had an empty frozen yogurt cup in it because she used to eat is everyday.

She would even stop by Arches, the best fro yo place in Charlottesville, to pick up some before and after rehearsal.

She was just a great person to get rides from!

We also shared vanity stations in the dressing room and got to chat and gossip all the time.

Coincidentally Laura and I were also cast in the musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

Like most musicals there were lots of scenes where towns people had to talk amongst themselves and Laura and I always had the most delicious dialogue and we always talked about doilies.

In fact I was obsessed with doilies because of Laura Martin.

So I got to see Laura in NYC and she graciously met Jeff and I at a Burger King where we get free internet.

Then we had a wonderful lunch at an Italian restaurant.

Actually we were just walking down the street looking for somewhere to eat and Laura was like “Look that place has a vespa in it…..lets just eat there…I really like the vespa.”

Knowing that Laura is the connoisseur of frozen yogurts I asked her “Is there a Pinkberry’s around here.”

Pinkberry’s as you know is a popular frozen yogurt place in L.A. and is featured a lot on The Hills.

Laura made a face and was like “Yeah there’s one around here….I actually don’t like it.”

I was surprised! From what I have heard everyone likes Pinkberry's.

We finished our meal and walked over to Pinkberry's.

It had that same fluorescent appeal as Jamba Juice.

Like as soon as you walk in you feel like you are in California but then the decor makes you feel like you are in The Jetsons.

The girl behind the counter reminded me of a typical server from Jamba Juice.

She banged her fists on the counter and in her cheeriest voice said "What can I swirl for you."

I was about to order when Laura looked at me with crossed arms and said "You better get a sample."

So I did....and boy am I glad because that stuff is disgusting.

I had to tell the server that I didn't want anything (her face totally fell) and Laura and I left.

Laura is a great friend and she is so hilarious.

I love being around her because she likes to have fun.

But don’t let her fool you, she is an extremely hard worker and happens to work for a famous designer.

I love hearing about her life because Laura always attacks life with a smile on her face!

I have seen her twice this year and hope I can see her again soon.

Mike, Larrance and Jen

We got to see our friends Larrance and Jen again in Bar Harbor.

This time they brought our friend Mike who we performed with last summer in Bar Harbor.

We had delicious sandwiches and sat in some lovely grass and just talked and laughed.

It's always nice seeing old friends!

Prom 2008

Last week was Caz and Adrian's birthday.

Caz is a dancer on the ship and Adrian is a costume designer.

They had a Prom themed birthday party and it was a lot of fun.

Here's a pic of Caz and Dennis! Her costume was awesome.

Here's the gang and a zombie.

This is me and Serbian Toni!!!! He left this Sunday to go work on another ship. I will miss him in Celebrity so much!

Bodie, Me and Matt pose for a pic. They remain the funniest people on the boat (except for you Tim).

Bodie is so flexible. It's amazing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ambiance Spa...My Day in Heaven

I give Ambiance Spa 5 out of 5 stars.

It was the most amazing spa experience I have ever had.

First of all the spa is incredible warm and cozy.

The receptionist lead me to a lovely waiting room until Jessica my aestetition , for the day, came to get me.

She lead me to my room and told me “Before we get started I just want to clean your feet.”

She put my feet in a basin and poured warm water over them from a beautiful pitcher.

Then she scrubbed my feet with some sort of Aveda scrub that smelled like lime and sugar.

Then she left the room and I got onto the table.

Then she dry exfoliated my entire body.

It was at this point that I asked Jessica if she had ever been to Prince Edward Island (The birthplace of Anne of Green Gables). She informed me that she used to go there all the time with her family and that it was also her favorite movie.

From that point on I knew Jessica was a kindred spirit. I asked her a million questions about P.E.I and she answered every single one.

After the exfoliation, Jessica painted me with a self warming seaweed mask. Once she was done she wrapped me up in a cocoon and massaged my head and feet with tangerine and vanilla oil.

Then I took a lovely shower! Then she massaged me again with a Caribbean Cream.

Then she brought me Aveda tea which is amazing and I am going to buy some. It is made with peppermint and licorice.

Then I got a Caribbean Manicure.

First Jessica brought me out these sets of nail colors that were actually painted onto fake nails so you could just place your nails underneath to see how the color would look on you as opposed to having to actually paint a little on.

Then I got more tea.

Then she like gave me a massage, clay masked my hands, placed them in warming mittens, cleaned them, put lotion on, and painted them.

At one point during our conversation I was like “Oh I’m hungry”.

Jessica then looked up and was like “Would you like me to bring you menu from the restaurant next door? You can eat while I get you a pedicure.”

My brain then exploded and I said yes and was soon brought a delicious salad on a lovely bed and breakfast style wooded tray and more tea.

My pedicure took place in a different room where the chairs reclined so that you were actually in a laying down position with your feet in the air.

Jessica then brought me an amazing selection of gossip magazines…and those aren't cheap in Canada. An U.S. Weekly in Canada is like $6.

Finally it was time for me to leave.

Upon leaving Jessica asked me if I wanted a make-over…she said “Its just something we like to end with”.

Unfortunately I had to get back to the ship.

I hope that when I get to Heaven it is like the Ambiance Spa.

A big thank you to Jessica for making my day so special.

I really want to go back. They are so reasonable priced.

Next time you are in St. John, Canada make sure you stop by.

Celebrity Take 2

Well word got out about our last Celebrity Party and this time around we had 30 people play!!!

It was a very fiery game and by that I mean there was a lot of laughing, fighting and poor sportsman like behavior.

My favorite interpretation of the night was that of Scottie Pippen.
For some reason nobody but us Second City Folk knew who Scottie Pippen was.

Any time someone picked Mr. Pippen’s name from the hat people would say things like

“ It’s a country next to France….” Trying to get people to guess Scotland…which still is just not enough of a connection for one to guess Scottie Pippen.

If I didn’t know who Scottie Pippen was I would have tried to get them to guess Scottie toilet paper…and then get them to guess what musical featured the song “Corner in the Sky”.

Fortunately I know the entire ‘98 Bulls roster by heart.

Here is a list of Celebrities I believe need to be retired from the game because they are just so easy to guess:

1.) Britney Spears
2.) Angelina Jolie
3.) Pres. And VP picks in the upcoming election
4.) Michael Jordan
5.) Oprah
6.) Michael Jackson
7.) Pamela Anderson
8.) George Clooney
9.) Victoria and David Beckham
10.) Tom Cruise

Can you think of any others?

Spas....Ongoing Obsession

Ever since I can remember I have loved Spas!

When I was younger my Mom used to give me mini massages after my sports game or if I had shin splits.

She had a friend who was a masseuse and got me a gift certificate for a full body massage when I was in high school.

Since then I have been hooked!

I just love massages, mani pedis, and thermal baths.

I could live at a spa….just like Bubbles Devere

Since spas are very expensive I have also become obsessed with spa literature.

I just enjoy reading what different spas have to offer and then in my head I imagine what it would be like to have it done to me.

I even know where a spa is located at each stop our cruise ship makes.

My friend and cast mate Katie recently came up to me and said “Jeannie, I hear you know where a spa is at ever port we dock at..is that true?”

I then rattled off every spa I knew and where it was located.

What can I say it’s a gift.

In Chicago my friends and I used to visit A Thousand Waves Spa on Belmont.


For $20 you have access to their beautiful Jacuzzi, a steam room and a lovely cedar oil sauna.

They even have a relaxation room with organic teas, magazines and tatami mats to sleep on.

Something else I enjoy is hearing about other people’s spa experiences.

One time my best friend Becca told me that she was going to get a massage after work and I said “Becca Anne you must remember everything about your experience so that you can tell me all about it tomorrow.”

Then Becca said “Well I am having a male masseuse which will be interesting.”

I was like “Becca are you sure you are going to feel comfortable with a male masseuse.”

“No I’m not worried at all about it.” She said.

Well the next day Becca came into the office and was like “Jeannie I couldn't get what you said about the male masseuse out of my head! I didn't relax at all!”

Whoopsie! Sorry Becca Anne.

I could never go to a male masseuse.

Tony, the Serbian personal trainer on the boat who I mentioned plays Celebrity with us, enjoys giving massages, however he is very blunt with his comments.

He has been known to massage a few dancers and make comments like “Kaitlin….you have a real potential to be fat.”

I have scheduled myself an entire Spa Day in St. Johns at a place called “Ambiance Spa..An Aveda Concept”

I am so excited. I am going to be there 4 and ½ hours.

I’m getting a Caribbean detoxifying body mask and a Caribbean Manicure and Pedicure!

Don’t worry I’ll blog all about it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spotlight of the Week....

You guys I am Second City's Spotlight of the Week....

Check it out!


Crocs???? New Obsession???

When Crocs first came out Jeff and I both thought they were hideous.

Well.......I just bought a pair of their ballet flats and they are awesome

I can't wait to get another pair!

They are super comfortable and only cost $30.

I can walk for hours in them and my feet don't hurt.

I doubt I will ever veer from the ballet flat style but you never know....

Maybe one day I will buy these bad boys.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blue Eyes....Obsessed

I have always been obsessed with people who have Blue or Green Eyes.

My Father has green eyes and I always wished I had gotten his eyes instead of my boring brown ones.

In high school against my Mother's wishes I went out and bought colored contacts and thought I looked so good in them. They ended up hurting my eyes too much that I had to stop wearing them.

It was probably because I bought them at a Mexican Market for like $20.
Well Jeff has very blue eyes and they pop everytime he wears a blue or green shirt.


W.B. Mason

This post is dedicated to my best friend and old boss Becca.

While in Boston I stumbled across a W.B. Mason delivery truck and immediatly told Jeff to take a picture of it.

At my old office job I used to have to order office supplies from W.B. Mason.

It was always a nightmare.

You see W.B. Mason is an east coast company and since our head office was located on the east coast we had to order supplies from them even though our office was in Chicago.

I used to open up brown boxes and there would just be crumbled up paper in it because what would happen was they would ship us cartons of paper that would then break upen and explode because they were never wrapped properly for an across the country trip.

So once the cartons of paper exploded UPS would just take the paper out and shove it in a big brown box.......since that makes so much sense.

We were constanly missing things in our order and I was always trying to contanct their customer service people.

Jeannie: "Hi I need to talk to someone from customer service"
Operator: "O.k. sure then me give you Debra's email."

So then I would email Debra and it would always come back saying she was on vacation.

So I would call again, and again and again.

Then I would get someone elses email and it would be returned back as a Mailer Demon.



Boston was so much fun! It reminded me of a much smaller Chicago.

Jeff and I walked 8 miles all along The Freedom Trail which was a very historic walk indeed.

I love American history so much, especially the Revolutionary War.

It has always been my favorite thing to study.
This is where the Boston Tea Party took place.

And this is where the Boston Massacre took place.

Here I am at the Old North Church. That is where they hung laterns in the window to let everyone know if the British were coming by land or sea...."One if by land, Two if by sea"

What I liked about the church was that everyone got their own little box to sit in.

This is Paul Revere's House. He was infamous for his Midnight Ride where he went riding in the town shouting "The British are coming".

His house was kinda hard to find so I went into a small Italian shop and asked the owner were Paul Revere's house was and he responded by saying "Why you lookin for him, he ain't home."

I thought he was very funny and very Italian.

This is the Old State House where old timey revolutionaries met and discussed government.

Boston was just so cute it had shops and restaurants all over the place.

It is going to be my favorite place to visit during the month of September.

It was so much fun to see men bickering behind fruit stands with thick Boston accents saying things like "Otto told me to set up the stand here IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT GO TALK TO OTTO"

I was like "Jeff this is exactly what I imagined Boston would be like!"

The last think I did in Boston was take in a break dance show.

There is nothing like a good pop and lock routine.


We finally got a game of Celebrity going last Sunday...and my team won!
I must have sent out over 30 invites all over the ship but only 9 people showed up =(
It was still great fun.
There were some great moments.
Toni a personal trainer from Serbia played and didn't recognize a single celebrity!
For Crocodile Dundee he said "Ummmma Creature who lives in River" and Katie totally knew what he was talking about which I thought was amazing.
Toni also put in a lot of Serbian Celebrities....which were incredible difficult to get but I sure know a lot more about Serbia now.
It was great fun and I can't wait till we do it again. A waiter even came in periodically to serve us Pina Coladas and Banana Smoothies. I felt so regal.
My team of winners insisted on picking me up for our winners only photo.
I informed them that the last time I was picked up was during a high school production of "Into the Woods" in which the boys of the cast attempted to pick me up and then dropped me. But they insisted so I was picked up and happily not droppped


I really like Halifax. There is so much you can do there.

Last week Jeff and I hung out in the college part of town and dined at a restaurant called Your Fathers Moustache.

They had tons of pictures of men with crazy beards and moustaches all over the walls. It was very funny.
I really think my friend Louie Sanders would have liked it. Louie you need to go!

They specialized in fried pepperoni. It was pretty good but also spicy.