Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Why do people walk so slow and in a zig zag pattern thus blocking you from passing them?

I don't know if its because I live in a city but I know how to walk very fast.

Maybe its because both of my parents are fast walkers themselves. Maybe that is also why my parents look really youthful.

O.k so maybe you are on vacation and you want to take your time. But really the pace is just too slow. Its just like a highway if you are going to go that slow stick to the right allowing people to pass on the left. But see then you are carrying that huge purse that is preventing me from passing. See that bag is a problem. See and now you are stopping and asking where you are and how you don't even know where you are going. Oh dear. Oh dear. Well in that case you need to get off the walking road and pull into a pit-stop otherwise known as a bench and look over your map again.

It reminds me of when I would be in Chicago walking with all the people in the loop, who are amazingly fast walkers including the pregnant women who work in the loop. Then suddenly we would all realize it was a game day at Wrigley and all those people from the Suburbs would be attempting to walk in the city and use the transit system.

Just these packs of families around the CTA ticket booths fighting:

"No James I think you put the money in here"

Man attempting to put money in where the CTA cards come out.

Family members just blocking turnstiles waiting for someone to hand them a CTA card.

I will say I do not miss being apart of that.

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