Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The New Mario Bros. a BIG OBSESSION

You guys I have been pretty lazy these last couple weeks. I only went to the beach like once.

I'm sorry I don't even have any new pics of myself to show off. I promise to do more.

Two things I have been doing are working out and playing The New Mario Bros. for DS.

I am such a Mario fan. I remember going to FAO Swartz when I was like 8 and returning a gift I didn't like and trading it in for a NES System. That system was with me through college. I just really love those basic games.

But man do I love my DS and my Mario game. I beat the game in about a week which is a record for me and now I am going back and getting all the coin stars from every level. I have like 92 coin stars! So I am doing good.

My favorite thing about that game is becoming Mini-Mario. He is just so cute.

Because of my new love for this game I have put Nintendogs on the back burner and now my dogs hate me.

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