Thursday, August 14, 2008

Matt and Bodie

This is a picture of me with my neighbors Matt(right) and Bodie(Center) Pronounced BOdie with a long O.

Matt is from England and Bodie is from Australia. They are so funny. I mean so funny. I mean really really funny. They kill me.

We talk a lot about T.V. together, especially reality T.V. Their favorite reality show is Flavor Flav. You heard me. Apparently they don't show it in their countries and they think it is insane and wonderful.

They have turned me on to some English shows including Little Britain and The Catherine Tate show. They have tried to lend me their DVDs but since they bought them in Australia and England they won't play on my American DVD player. Who knew that would ever happen?

I played the board game Life with both of them a few nights ago and I can't tell you how adorable it was when Bodie place his driver peg on the right side of the car instead of the left. Tim was like "Oh look Bodie put his peg in like he would drive in Australia"

I also enjoy talking to them about the differences between the US and where they are from.

Apparently they do not have Prom in England or Australia. In fact both Matt and Bodie made fun of how the US has so many dances. They don't have any school dances in their countries they just have an end of the year "Celebration" when they graduate middle and high school. They seemed to think our dances were stupid along with how we have "Courts" like Prom King and Queen....

I then told them I was Prom Queen and they laughed at me.

Looking back I should have asked Matt if the reason England didn't have "Courts" was because they already have a court?

I also talked to them in depth about the fast food chains they have in England and Australia and they don't have nearly as many as the US. I asked them each what their favorite fast food place is and they both went bonkers and shouted "POPEYE'S!"

Then Bodie said "I haven't even tried Popeye's but Matt talks about it and it sounds so amazing that I have decided it is my favorite place."

They do not have Popeye's in England or Australia.

Also we have renamed the short-form improv game "Moving Bodies" to "Moving BODies" (pronouced with a long O) in honor of Bodie.

Matt is Voice Captain for the singers and dancers on the ship and Bodie is Dance Captain.

With their dashing good looks and accents an evening with these two is always a blast.

In closing they were showing the movie "Step it Up 2" on the telly the other day and I knew they were watching it cause I could hear the rap music blaring from their room.

I later asked Bodie "Hey were you watching Step it Up 2?" he replied

"Yes and someone stopped the movie right before the final dance battle and I called up broadcasting and yelled at them until they put the movie back in."

So funny.


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