Friday, August 22, 2008

India’s Independence Day….

Last Friday the Crew celebrated India’s Independence Day.

Since I have been on the boat I have gone to several Crew parties including a few Independence Day celebrations and can I just say that India’s Independence Day was the best party yet!

Tim, April and I danced the night away!

And of course we tried some delicious Indian Food.

The Indian men on board loved showing us really fun Indian dance moves and the music was so cool.

Tim made me laugh all night long. Tim Paul is my cast mate and he is very cute and very very funny. He makes me laugh all the time.

My fave lines of his were “Where do I sign up for Second City Bombay?” and “How perfect is this music for working out!”

He was so right though. The party made me want to move to India and create a step aerobics class featuring only Indian music.

In college (UVA shout out!) I took a course on Hindu and learned a lot about India and was fascinated by it. I think it would be a really fun place to visit.

I also played an Indian Princess in a musical in college and it was really fun.

Well several of the Indian Crew members thought I was Indian and took pictures of me by their festive cake.

I told them I wasn’t Indian and they said “It does not matter you look it.”

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