Wednesday, August 6, 2008


These are the 3 T.V stations I get on the boat.

I watch all three of them on rotation. When one of them goes to a commercial I switch.

I do not think I would watch any of these stations longer than 5 minuets if I was at home.

But I have become an avid follower of News and Sports.

I am not sure if I am retaining any of it so I am going to test myself right now by telling you a rough guestimate of what I think is going on in the World of Sports and well....the World.


Cecil Fielder's son who I can't remember his first name pushed and slapped some guy named "Para" in the dugout. Apparently they exchanged some words that led to him doing this. Most people agree that this should have been done in the dugout and not in front of everyone. All I know is that Fielder seems like a punk and is the largest baseball player I have ever seen.

The Yankee pitcher named "Joba" really hurt his shoulder and is seeing some Dr. Andrews guy which according to the critics is a bad sign.

Tiger Woods had knee surgery. And his baby is so cute.

Brett Favre who has collectively been on all 3 channels I watch is really steamed at Green Bay. He just wants to play football. Everyone keeps bringing up the fact that MJ retired 3 times and there was never so much media around him. All I know that if I was Aaron Rogers I would be so stressed out.


McCain wants to drill offshore. Obama does not but critics keep saying he is "flip-flopping".

They found the Rockafella guy!

This just in 125,000 Gorillas found...I forget where I think in Africa....I just assumed there were that many gorillas already living there.

McDonald's Double Cheeseburgers up from $1 to $1.09

I think I got most of this right! Let me know!

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