Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Call me Bubbles darling"

I have just started watching the show "Little Britain" and it is very funny indeed. It can also be grotesque and vile at points but the two guys who play all the characters are such good actors that I just can't stop watching. I especially love when they play women.

This is my favorite character Bubbles Devere. She's been living at the Hills Grange Health Spa for 5 months and has yet to pay her bill. Every time someone asks her to pay her bill she tries to seduce them thinking that will get her out of her payments. She also insists on every on calling her Bubbles.

Lets just say their may or may not have been someone on the boat recently that resembled Bubbles and lets just say I may or may not have been eating dinner next to her when she ordered 3 entrees.
Darlings Bubbles always gets what she wants!

Fat Fighters is my favorite sketch in the show. Fat Fighters is very similar to Weight Watchers in the states and the sketch takes place in a weekly Fat Fighters meeting held by Marjorie Dawes.

Marjorie is a nasty woman who loves making fun of how "Morbidly Obese" everyone is. She laughs at them every time they get on the scale and exclaims "Oh dear you've gained another 4 stones you are never getting out of here are you"

So wicked. So funny.

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