Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Business...Childhood Obsession

When I was little I used to watch the movie Big Business all the time.

My parents must have taped it from the T.V because I remember it was on a VHS tape marked “Robin Hood”.

So my brother and I would watch the Disney animated movie Robin Hood and then watch Big Business.

We did that so often! It was like a perfect double feature.

In fact they should sell those two movies together at Costco for $10.

Those of you who know the movie know that most of it was filmed in the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

Jeff was showing me Central Park for the first time and I turned to him and said “Jeff do you know where the Plaza Hotel is I have to find it.”

Turns out I was standing right in front of it.

Why I call that positively providential!

Seriously rent Big Business it is just a fun silly movie.

Also rent Robin Hood the animated movie who doesn’t love that movie!

What am I talking about renting movies???? I mean netflix!

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