Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Being my own therapist....Obsession

I have realized that I get annoyed at least 2 times everyday.....I know what you are thinking "Jeannie you are living in the lap of luxury, what is there to be annoyed about"
It is just so easy to get annoyed. I mean I can't even begin to tell you how many people cut line on the boat. Whether I am in line at the buffet or waiting to get on and off the boat or waiting to get on a ferry people are CONSTANTLY CUTTING LINE. I have been cut by people ranging in age from 8-90. That is just one annoying thing.

I then decided to give myself some helpful advice. I have started to "Plan my own annoyances".
See what I think I was doing was waking up in the morning and thinking that there were going to be no annoyances. But life is going to be full of little annoyances and instead of trying to avoid them I have decided to embrace them.

Now when something annoying happens I think "Oh yeah I planned on something going wrong today, well for the next 10 min. things are not going to go according to plan but after that I am right back on schedule."

For example:

I am doing my show and a group of people are talking louder than me...and I am wearing a mic people.....I could get annoyed and frustrated or I could pull out my invisible improv planner and think "Oh that's right this is the time of day something annoying happens, I expected this to happen, in fact I planned on it"

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