Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dr. Pepper.......Lifetime Obsession

I am currently sitting in a Burger King in Times Square....and I just did something I haven't done for a long time.

I ordered a medium Dr. Pepper!

Ever since college I have been a Diet Coke girl which is also an obsession of mine, however I grew up on Dr. Pepper and I must never forget that!

My Mother loves Dr. Pepper and raised me on it.

I loved Dr. Pepper so much that in middle school me and my best friend Amy Googe formed a Dr. Pepper club. She even made us a website.

The Dr. Pepper club never did much except talk about how much we loved Dr. Pepper and then of course there was the constant argument of Regular vs. Diet.

Both Amy and I had also visited the Dr. Pepper museum in Waco, TX.

I went temporarily insane in the Dr. Pepper Museum because it was that awesome.

They had Dr. Pepper Ice cream and Dr. Pepper served hot....which my Mom told me she used to enjoy drinking as a child.

The gift store was also awesome and I remember I bought a huge t-shirt that said "I'm a Pepper"
And I would like to know which of you out there didn't own Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers.

We all did because it was amazing. Why I still know people who own it.

Long Live the Pepper!!!! I think that was the battle cry of the Dr. Pepper Club.

I hope this blog made you crave a Dr. Pepper.

I know its making my friend Michelle crave one.

Michelle is one of my best friends from my old office job and she used to make me order 2 cartons of Dr. Pepper every time I was stocking up the office fridge!

That girl lives and breathes Dr. Pepper. Actually she is the one I was talking about when I said I still know people who have Dr. Pepper lipsmackers!

Seriously go treat yourself to a Dr. Pepper today!

Pina Coladas.....Obsessed

I love Pina Coladas.

I prefer ones w/ out alcohol.

They are just pure deliciousness.

Last night after my 11pm show I ordered one for myself in a large souvenir glass and guzzled it down in like 2 seconds.

So refreshing!!!!

Before I'm done crusin I am going to treat myself to a Pina Colada served in a coconut.

They have some at Snorkel Park in Bermuda and the coconuts are carved to look like monkeys!

They are however $18.....but they also convert into a coin bank so they pretty much have me sold.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Jacob Griggs

I have known Jacob Griggs for 3 years now I think.

We are great friends.

Tonight is his first football game and I am missing it =(

Best of luck to you Jacob!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little China

Last Sunday Jeff and I went to Little Italy and China Town in NYC.

It was a lot of fun.

This picture is for my Dad.

I really wanted to be brave and try all the unique cuisines in China town.

Like jellyfish for instance. Or maybe some of this delicious pig I saw in a window.

I really wanted to be like Anthony Bourdain.

But I just couldn't bring myself to do it!

I actually wish I had eaten in Little Italy.

I went into a Chinese bakery and pointed to some cute little cakes and asked what was inside and the lady said "Red bean curd, Lychee, or Green Tea."

I bought green tea...took one bite and threw the rest out.

I'm sorry!!!!!!!

Nine the Musical....and DDL

Nine the my favorite musical.

I was in it in college. I played Francesca (a.k.a I was in the chorus). I really wanted to be Claudia or Carla.

The show is so sexy and so fun and I had a blast doing it.

Well Rob Marshall is currently making 9 into a movie.

Mr. Marshall as you may know directed Chicago the movie and that won several Oscars including Best Picture. So I have high hopes for the film.

Ummm did I mention.......


He will be playing the leading role of Guido (a.k.a Fellini).

The cast if full of A list stars including: Nicold Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench....and lots more.

Javier Bardem was supposed to play the lead then dropped out and it was rumored that DDL would take his place now he is listed as being in pre-production.

For those of you who are Obsessed with DDL like I know that DDL usually only does movies ever 5 years or so. So I think people were suprised to see him doing another one so quickly.

I think that the role will be very easy for him and he will be amazing.

DDL won the Oscar this year for Best Actor in an amazing movie called There Will be Blood.

Now I have had many fights with people who did not like this movie.

Well all I have to say to you is....if you didn't "get" the movie you must not like smart movies.

Go rent Juno and eat twizzlers on your couch and be blown away by word play.

I on the other hand will be watching My Left Foot or In the Name of the Father on repeat.

Daniel Day Lewis is the greatest actor ever.

Friday, August 22, 2008



Friends in NYC

It was so much fun having lunch with Mel, Molly and Kara in NYC a few weeks ago.

Jeff's sandwich was ridiculous.


Jeff and I went into some caves in St. George this week.

The names of the caves were Crystal & Fantasy. I liked Crystal a lot better.

On a side note...has anyone ever seen the UK game show "Crystal Maze"?
Its the most amazing game show ever!

Snorkel Park...revisited

The first time I visited Snorkel Park I thought I was on the set of the movie "Cocktails" starring Tom Cruise.

I was there very late at night and didn't really like it.

Well Jeff, April and I went snorkeling their last week and we had so much fun!

They put a slide out in the ocean and it took me forever to climb up on it. Two little girls and April had to help me get up there.

When I finally stood on it I said "I hope I don't tip this thing over" and one of the little girls looked at me and said "You won' look like you will only make it sink."

Treasure Hunting

I love buying huge cartons of ice cream and digging around in them solely for the purpose of finding huge hunks of candy or cookies pieces. I call this process “Treasure Hunting.”

Jeff does not like when I treasure hunt. He often opens up ice cream cartons and says “Why are there so many holes in this…oh you ate all the candy pieces …thanks.”

I know what you are thinking “Why don’t you just go out and buy a candy bar or a cookie?”

Because my friends its all about the hunt!

Haven’t you ever felt the thrill of digging around in a carton of Cookies and Cream and pulling out a huge nugget of Oreo Cookie!

Sometimes you can tell just by looking at a clump of candy in ice cream that it has the potential to be a big clump….so what do you do? Well you carefully dig around it until it is free from the ice cream! Truth be told I rarely want the ice cream I just want the treats in it!!!!

Well my friends I went to Bailey’s an ice cream shop in Bermuda. Look how many treasures they put in their ice cream. No need to hunt!

“Prairie Movies”… ongoing Obsession

If I had to pick a favorite genre of movies it would be “Prairie Movies”.

What are Prairie Movies you might ask?

Prairie Movies are movies with girls in frocks and petticoats asking “When’s supper Momma?” Prairie Movies make you feel like putting the kettle on and making a cup of tea or pulling an old afghan around your shoulders and telling your hostess at Cracker Barrel that you don’t mind the long wait for a table, why it just gives you more time to browse the General Store, play giant checkers and rock in a rocking chair.

Most importantly a Prairie Movie should inspire you to light a Yankee Candle.

Now I don’t separate my Prairie Movies according to any sort of era.

As far as I’m concerned Little House on the Praire belongs in the same section with Sense and Sensibility.

I’m sure those books took place during different times but in my mind they are both Prairie Movies.

My ultimate Prairie Movie is Anne of Green Gables…..why I could have a whole blog dedicated to just that movie.

For my birthday Jeff bought me the Disney series Avonlea starring Sara Polley.

It is fantastic! I love to watch this show while I crotchet. It always makes me wish I had grown up in those times where the most important things were Sunday Socials, Sewing Circles, and gossiping about old spinsters.

Warning: If you are on an improv team with me I will initiate many a Prairie Scene. I have done improve scenes in general stores and have started others with phrases such as “Everyone I am now going to play the piano forte.” In the future I would love to do some improv scenes about land “Why did you hear Mr. McGilicutty is selling all of his land?”


You guys I am learning how to crochet! My friend April is teaching me. So far I have made 2 ski caps and am working on a 3rd. Next I am going to learn how to make scarves and blankets.

I’m sure all of you will be receiving one of my crocheted items for Christmas.

I just love crocheting. It makes me feel so Betty Crockery.

I like to imagine I am tending to my farm and that my husband has taken the children to town and that I finally have a moment to myself to get some crocheting done. Why….with winter coming in and all the whole family is going to need hats, scarves and blankets!

India’s Independence Day….

Last Friday the Crew celebrated India’s Independence Day.

Since I have been on the boat I have gone to several Crew parties including a few Independence Day celebrations and can I just say that India’s Independence Day was the best party yet!

Tim, April and I danced the night away!

And of course we tried some delicious Indian Food.

The Indian men on board loved showing us really fun Indian dance moves and the music was so cool.

Tim made me laugh all night long. Tim Paul is my cast mate and he is very cute and very very funny. He makes me laugh all the time.

My fave lines of his were “Where do I sign up for Second City Bombay?” and “How perfect is this music for working out!”

He was so right though. The party made me want to move to India and create a step aerobics class featuring only Indian music.

In college (UVA shout out!) I took a course on Hindu and learned a lot about India and was fascinated by it. I think it would be a really fun place to visit.

I also played an Indian Princess in a musical in college and it was really fun.

Well several of the Indian Crew members thought I was Indian and took pictures of me by their festive cake.

I told them I wasn’t Indian and they said “It does not matter you look it.”

Big Business...Childhood Obsession

When I was little I used to watch the movie Big Business all the time.

My parents must have taped it from the T.V because I remember it was on a VHS tape marked “Robin Hood”.

So my brother and I would watch the Disney animated movie Robin Hood and then watch Big Business.

We did that so often! It was like a perfect double feature.

In fact they should sell those two movies together at Costco for $10.

Those of you who know the movie know that most of it was filmed in the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

Jeff was showing me Central Park for the first time and I turned to him and said “Jeff do you know where the Plaza Hotel is I have to find it.”

Turns out I was standing right in front of it.

Why I call that positively providential!

Seriously rent Big Business it is just a fun silly movie.

Also rent Robin Hood the animated movie who doesn’t love that movie!

What am I talking about renting movies???? I mean netflix!

Update: Room Service Tray Mystery

Bodie told me that he is now placing his room service trays in front of my cabin just to make me mad.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Salt Bagels...Obsessed

Ever since I was small I have loved salt bagels. My father turned me on to them and seltzer water when I was about 6 I would say.

He always bought one for me on the drive to Kings Island, an amusement park in Ohio.

Well I honestly cannot even remember the last time I had one.

I'm sure it was when I was small and with my father.

Well last Sunday I ventured out to H&H bagels in NYC and got one.

It was their factory store so I wasn't able to get it toasted and they didn't have seltzer but it was delicious just the same.

The Mystery of the Room Service Tray...

Every morning when I wake up I open my cabin door and notice that someone on my hall has rudely placed their room service tray outside my cabin.

This has been going on for well over a month now and I am telling you it is everyday.

Why is it rude you ask "Jeannie its not like you have to clean it"

Its not the tray that makes me mad its the symbolism behind it.

My neighbors and room steward must think I am a fat pig "Fatty Fatty American girl who on top of eating 3 meals a day greedily orders food at night as well"

Well I must solve the mystery who could it be...

1.) The Magician
2.) The Accountant
3.) The Elton John Impersonator
4.) The Principle Singers
5.) The Stand-up Comedian

I am out to find a clue!