Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am semi-obsessed with becoming what I like to call a Nature Person.

In my eyes a Nature Person is someone who genuinely loves the outdoors and plans vacations that include things like hiking and kayaking and eating Kashi bars and wearing Patagonia and carrying Nalgene bottles with them everywhere they go and doing yoga on top of the mountains they climb.

I will never truly be the person I just described. I mean I barely do 30 min. of cardio.

Also Nature People are often also Whole Foods People.

You know people who wear Crocks to run their errands and bring their own cloth bags to carry their groceries in and only buy organic things and have a wide range of salmon dishes in their back pocket. These people also enjoy converting old stand-byes like Mac and Cheese and Brownies into things like Hand Rolled Butternut Squash Rigatoni in a Goat Cheese and Cream Reduction sauce and Espresso Flourless Chocolate Squares .

I used to live around a lot of Whole Food moms and I would hear them talking to their girlfriends "Oh I made a fun-fetti cake the other day but instead of sugar I substituted organic sugar-free applesauce and no one was the wiser."

This person will also never be me. I just don't have the patience and I have a passion for Fun-Fetti cake.

3 years ago I traveled to Bar Harbor, ME. This place is perfect for Nature People. They have tons of hiking trails, kayaking, whale watching and organic food. And I am proud to say I took part in tons of naturey things! I ran outside, hiked, ate organic burritos, saw whales, climbed rocks that were perched above the ocean water. I specifically remember screaming "I'm a Nature Person" from one of the hills I conquered. (Note: I was probable excited from the adrenaline because I am not truly a Nature Person).

Well its only natural that a Non-Nature Person would also be a Non-Ocean Person.

Well you guys I went snorkeling today! I started out very shakey but I got used to it and screamed every time I saw a fish (I wish I could say it was out of excitement but at first it was out of fear).

You guys there are so many fish in the ocean and they are so close to us and we don't even know it.

Supposedly the beach had several Portuguese Man of Wars wash up on shore that morning and a very nice young man running the snorkel stand told me just to keep my eyes open. He also told me there was a barracuda in the water but that it never came around people.

I still went in!

You guys I was sort of Jacques Cousteau today. At the very least I was Steve Zissou.

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