Friday, July 18, 2008

Sephora...when obsession reaches addiction

Now that I live on a cruise boat I am able to save lots of money. That also means when I am in port in NYC every Sunday there is a real potential to go crazy in Times Square or more specifically in Sephora.

I have always loved walking around Sephora and just looking. One of my temp assignments I had was close to that Nordstroms downtown in Chicago and on my break I would just go in and walk around, but I mean I would never buy anything. I mean I never had enough money for a new pair of black pants so why would I allow myself to buy a $40 Bronzer Brick. Ladies you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway for the last month I have allowed myself to buy something from Sephora every Sunday.
Well since this is birthday week I went a little crazy I got Fekkai Shampoo & Conditioner, a Smashbox bronzer brick, and Christian Dior Face Wash. And I was in a rush, imagine how much I would have bought if I had been casually looking around. Also I am already tan so I have no need for the bronzer brick. I bought it because I have always wanted to buy it!

I am addicted to Sephora and I am cutting myself off.

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Molls said...

I love Sephora. I don't have nice clothes because I shop at Sephora. I also eat Easy Mac, so I can shop at Sephora. Priorities...