Wednesday, July 23, 2008


For my birthday Jeff's Mom got me a new game for my DS called Nintendogs.

I am obsessed!

First the game let me go to the pet store and pick out a dog.

I chose a shitzue and named it DDL. I mean of course!

It took me a while to figure out how the game worked. I would feed DDL every so often but I was under the assumption that when I turned the game off DDL would also turn off.

That is so not the case. I turned the game on the next day and DDL was a mess. The game scolded me for not feeding him and told me that DDL had taken it upon himself to eat Fried Chicken out of the garbage can.

I felt horrible and vowed to take care of my precious little animated pup.

Since then we have become great friends. We take walks and he has won 3 disc competitions and has gotten 2nd place in an agility competition (think Best in Show).

He has yet to obey me very well or learn new tricks...but we are working on all that. With all the prize money he has won me I could buy another puppy. Jeff told me I shouldn't though. He thinks I just need to concentrate on DDL.

Jeff also asked me if I ever thought DDL would die. I never thought of that people and I must say I got a little upset that Jeff even put that thought in my mind. Jeff then said "What do you think are you are going to be 70 and still feeding that dog?" Then that made me really sad.

I'm sure this game is for kids under 5 so I'm sure they won't make it that realistic to include death right?

I guess I should just concentrate on today. DDL is alive and according to the DS he is also, Beautiful, Full, and Quenched.

Mom I am so ready for a real dog!!! Please!!!!

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