Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little People Big World...On going Obsession

I've been watching Little People Big World since season 1 and I am a big fan.

I just love their farm and their family. Their show warms my heart and for some reason I have become accustomed to working out with the show. I buy entire seasons on itunes and then I watch them when I do cardio.

Somehow that family makes doing the stairstepper on its highest setting not that bad=)

I usually laugh out loud while I'm watching and people from other machines just look at me.

Every October the Roloff's open up their Pumpkin Patch which attracts a lot of visitors.

Every year I tell Jeff I am going, but I have yet to make my way out to Oregon. But I will I promise!

I did happen to run across a few of the kids Myspace pages.

I asked to be their friend but none of them confirmed.

I think it was Molly that wrote something like "We don't add people we don't know."

I honestly wouldn't have expected anything less. You know Amy is such a good Mom she probable set that rule with her kids.

After one exceptionally emotional episode I think I wrote one of them some letter on how much I loved their family.

Lets just say those Little People have made me into a Big Fan.

You can also go onto the LPA (Little People of America) website and donate money.

I am currently downloading the 5th season!

The episode I'm on is Managing Molly....oh that crazy family.

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