Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HellO World!

I have a blog!

I am very proud of myself.

It has only taken me a little over a year to complete the 3 simple steps it takes to create a blog. Seriously I thought it was going to be way more steps then that.

Last week I took a whole bunch of fake photography pictures.

I was very impressed with myself even though all I did was press the button.
Oh to be a fly on Anne Geddes wall. Sigh.

Note: Fake photography is not an obsession of mine.

I have however become slightly obsessed with the beach. This is big news readers as I have always said "I'm not really a beach person" this sort of a comment usually causes people around me to gasp. Then they always say the same thing "Oh I love the beach, I wish I could live at the beach" Seriously that is what each and everyone of them has said to me.

Well I don't want to live at or on the beach. But I did have a pretty good time.

Can't you tell?


Finlay said...

AH!! I am the first person to comment on your blog! Congratulations on having a blog!

Molls said...

Jeannie!!! A blog!!! Ahh!!!