Thursday, July 17, 2008


So about 2 weeks ago I was in the Crew DVD store and I decided to check out Felicity Season One. I had never seen the show before but I remembered Kerri Russell’s performance in Waitress and thought she was great.

Well I’m almost done with season one…and I don’t think I will continue watching. At least not on my own dime I won’t. The DVD store doesn’t carry any other seasons and I just don’t want to buy the rest of them.

The first disc was torture for me. Felicity is a crazy psycho girl who literally changes all her college plans because of what Ben, the most popular guy at her high school, wrote in her yearbook. And she is all about talking about her feelings. The first five episodes are basically all about her chasing this Ben guy around and being like “Hi Ben, I don’t know if you remember me from high school…but I moved to NYU to be close to you.” And then Ben is like “I have no idea who you are.” And she just keeps chasing him and I freak out for her and when I see her about to go tell a boy her feelings I literally yell at the T.V. “No Felicity please, please, don’t tell another boy you like him who doesn’t like you back.”

Now that I am almost at the end of Season One I can already tell that this Ben guy is starting to like her back! What????

Also don’t like a million people go to NYU…so why do these two keep bumping into each other. Also its New York isn’t that city crazy populated?

It was interesting to see her working in a coffee shop because it made me realize that Lattes and all those popular coffee drinks have been around way longer then I thought. I mean I know in Italy they have been around forever but I thought the craze in America had only started like 10 years ago. Wait when did Felicity come out? Oh forget it you know what I’m getting at. I still remember being in high school (In Japan) and visiting Hawaii for the first time and seeing lines for this place called “Starbucks” and I had no idea what it was.

I will say I love Keri Russel. She is a great actress and is so pretty. I love her in chunky sweaters. She’s married now and has a baby and just looks great. I hope she does some new movies soon.

I will also say that what really got me to check out Felicity was this phrase written on the back of the box. “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever.” How terrifying is that sentence!


Cristin said...

You must continue with Felicity!

Rebecca said...

You remember how I feel about this show, right? I had to stop watching because I would get to personally invested in the story line.