Thursday, July 17, 2008

Costume Party

Last week we had a Crew Only party and the theme was Back to School.

Now I love a good costume but I just felt that I didn’t have anything in my closet that would work as a back to school outfit. So I decided to stay in my room and watch Felicity Season 1….I will be blogging about that later.

Then my cast mates Katie and Tim knocked on my door in hilarious costumes and they got me excited to go to the party.

So I searched through my wardrobe and came up with what I thought was a cute little kindergarten outfit.

So I went to the party and I saw all kinds of funny costumes.
This is Matt and Bodie and they were wearing "Kick Me Signs."

I mean we live on a boat and most of us only brought 1 or 2 suitcases so I was pretty impressed with what people came up with. My cast mate Tim wished he new what all the costume parties were going to be in advance so that he could have packed a whole suite case filled with costumes and stuff.

This guy was my favorite!

He carried around this heavy backpack and even a lunch box filled with sandwiches he was trying to give to people. So funny.

Most of the dancers dressed in more sexier school girl uniforms.

When we all went up for the costume contest I quickly decided that since I could not compete with the sexy dancers I would make up a character for myself.

So when it was my time to walk down the cat walk in my costume I said “Hello my name is Prissy Andrews and I just started kindergarten today.”

Then I put my head down as I walked and acted very shy. Lots of people were laughing and the announcer said “Look at Jeannie she is so shy”

So to my shock I won the costume contest!

My prize was men’s cologne. Hilarious. What a fun night.

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