Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Week...

Ladies and Gentlemen it is my favorite time of the year!

My parents always laugh at me because every year I manage to stretch out my birthday even longer then the year before. I think last year I had a 3 day celebration and this year I wanted a week but I ended up cutting it short because I just had the best birthday ever!

My birthday week kicked off with a delicious meal at Maze, Chef Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant in NYC.

It was delicious. Here is a description of what I ate and pictures to go with it!

Appetizer: Smoked Rainbow Trout!!! I forgot to take a pic!

Lunch: Lobster Rissotto

Desert: Kaluah Ice Cream, Chocolate deliciousness cup

My favorite thing was my appetizer the Smoked Rainbow Trout. It was delicious.

I was impressed with how large the portions were. I mean they weren’t huge but I thought that everything was going to be the size of amouche bouch…that’s right I just dropped a Top Chef term.

The food was phenomenal and the service even better. It was a magical land and for $35 for 3 courses I would do it again and encourage others to go there as well.

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