Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dark Knight...A movie people clapped in

I saw Dark Knight on Sunday in NYC.

I wasn't going to see it at first. I was going to walk around town and shop.

But then everywhere I went I heard people raving about it so I decided to go with Jeff and see it.

It was a great movie. Even better then the last one. And of course Heath as the Joker was a performance of a lifetime.

I couldn't help but notice that people clapped at several points in the film. And it made me think of other movies I have seen in which people in the theatre have just started clapping.

1.) King of Kong
2.) Independence Day
3.) There Will Be Blood

All of those except Independence Day deserve the applause.

I would love to know if any of you guys have witnessed clapping in movie theatres.

Please leave me a comment if you have.

Little People Big World...On going Obsession

I've been watching Little People Big World since season 1 and I am a big fan.

I just love their farm and their family. Their show warms my heart and for some reason I have become accustomed to working out with the show. I buy entire seasons on itunes and then I watch them when I do cardio.

Somehow that family makes doing the stairstepper on its highest setting not that bad=)

I usually laugh out loud while I'm watching and people from other machines just look at me.

Every October the Roloff's open up their Pumpkin Patch which attracts a lot of visitors.

Every year I tell Jeff I am going, but I have yet to make my way out to Oregon. But I will I promise!

I did happen to run across a few of the kids Myspace pages.

I asked to be their friend but none of them confirmed.

I think it was Molly that wrote something like "We don't add people we don't know."

I honestly wouldn't have expected anything less. You know Amy is such a good Mom she probable set that rule with her kids.

After one exceptionally emotional episode I think I wrote one of them some letter on how much I loved their family.

Lets just say those Little People have made me into a Big Fan.

You can also go onto the LPA (Little People of America) website and donate money.

I am currently downloading the 5th season!

The episode I'm on is Managing Molly....oh that crazy family.


For my birthday Jeff's Mom got me a new game for my DS called Nintendogs.

I am obsessed!

First the game let me go to the pet store and pick out a dog.

I chose a shitzue and named it DDL. I mean of course!

It took me a while to figure out how the game worked. I would feed DDL every so often but I was under the assumption that when I turned the game off DDL would also turn off.

That is so not the case. I turned the game on the next day and DDL was a mess. The game scolded me for not feeding him and told me that DDL had taken it upon himself to eat Fried Chicken out of the garbage can.

I felt horrible and vowed to take care of my precious little animated pup.

Since then we have become great friends. We take walks and he has won 3 disc competitions and has gotten 2nd place in an agility competition (think Best in Show).

He has yet to obey me very well or learn new tricks...but we are working on all that. With all the prize money he has won me I could buy another puppy. Jeff told me I shouldn't though. He thinks I just need to concentrate on DDL.

Jeff also asked me if I ever thought DDL would die. I never thought of that people and I must say I got a little upset that Jeff even put that thought in my mind. Jeff then said "What do you think are you are going to be 70 and still feeding that dog?" Then that made me really sad.

I'm sure this game is for kids under 5 so I'm sure they won't make it that realistic to include death right?

I guess I should just concentrate on today. DDL is alive and according to the DS he is also, Beautiful, Full, and Quenched.

Mom I am so ready for a real dog!!! Please!!!!

Special Thank you....

I just wanted to write and say thank you to all the friends and family that called and left me wonderful Birthday messages!

Also thank you to those who sent gifts!

It just meant so much to me!

I love you all!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Dinner....Le Bistro

I had my birthday dinner on the ship at a French restaurant called Le Bistro.
It was really good.
I can't thank my castmates enough. They all chipped in and got me a gift certificate to the spa! Also Katie spent last Sunday in NYC getting Magnolia Cupcakes for us!
Best Birthday Ever!

My Room...still Birthday Week

Jeff decorated my room so nicely!

St. John, Canada...still Birthday Week!

I went to St. John, Canada during my Birthday Week.

It was a cute little town.

I caught this lobster taking a break.
I got delicious hot chocolate at this cute place.

I also went into this really cool church and of course stocked up on some Canadian treats.

Do not ever try the Chicken chips...
These however are my fave.
What a funny saying on the box!

Oh and found out that they were doing this old gem of a play.....

I wish I could go see it!

Sephora...when obsession reaches addiction

Now that I live on a cruise boat I am able to save lots of money. That also means when I am in port in NYC every Sunday there is a real potential to go crazy in Times Square or more specifically in Sephora.

I have always loved walking around Sephora and just looking. One of my temp assignments I had was close to that Nordstroms downtown in Chicago and on my break I would just go in and walk around, but I mean I would never buy anything. I mean I never had enough money for a new pair of black pants so why would I allow myself to buy a $40 Bronzer Brick. Ladies you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway for the last month I have allowed myself to buy something from Sephora every Sunday.
Well since this is birthday week I went a little crazy I got Fekkai Shampoo & Conditioner, a Smashbox bronzer brick, and Christian Dior Face Wash. And I was in a rush, imagine how much I would have bought if I had been casually looking around. Also I am already tan so I have no need for the bronzer brick. I bought it because I have always wanted to buy it!

I am addicted to Sephora and I am cutting myself off.

Rosie O'Donnell

This week Rosie and her R Family Vacation have come aboard my boat for the week.

My favorite people singing and walking around the ship have been...

Christine Ebersole


Daphne Rubin-Vega

Because of all the new entertainment on board I was given the week off!

Birthday Week...

Ladies and Gentlemen it is my favorite time of the year!

My parents always laugh at me because every year I manage to stretch out my birthday even longer then the year before. I think last year I had a 3 day celebration and this year I wanted a week but I ended up cutting it short because I just had the best birthday ever!

My birthday week kicked off with a delicious meal at Maze, Chef Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant in NYC.

It was delicious. Here is a description of what I ate and pictures to go with it!

Appetizer: Smoked Rainbow Trout!!! I forgot to take a pic!

Lunch: Lobster Rissotto

Desert: Kaluah Ice Cream, Chocolate deliciousness cup

My favorite thing was my appetizer the Smoked Rainbow Trout. It was delicious.

I was impressed with how large the portions were. I mean they weren’t huge but I thought that everything was going to be the size of amouche bouch…that’s right I just dropped a Top Chef term.

The food was phenomenal and the service even better. It was a magical land and for $35 for 3 courses I would do it again and encourage others to go there as well.

Food for thought...

Have you ever bought a container of trail mix just to eat the M&M’s?

Seriously why didn’t I just buy a package of M&M’s?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So about 2 weeks ago I was in the Crew DVD store and I decided to check out Felicity Season One. I had never seen the show before but I remembered Kerri Russell’s performance in Waitress and thought she was great.

Well I’m almost done with season one…and I don’t think I will continue watching. At least not on my own dime I won’t. The DVD store doesn’t carry any other seasons and I just don’t want to buy the rest of them.

The first disc was torture for me. Felicity is a crazy psycho girl who literally changes all her college plans because of what Ben, the most popular guy at her high school, wrote in her yearbook. And she is all about talking about her feelings. The first five episodes are basically all about her chasing this Ben guy around and being like “Hi Ben, I don’t know if you remember me from high school…but I moved to NYU to be close to you.” And then Ben is like “I have no idea who you are.” And she just keeps chasing him and I freak out for her and when I see her about to go tell a boy her feelings I literally yell at the T.V. “No Felicity please, please, don’t tell another boy you like him who doesn’t like you back.”

Now that I am almost at the end of Season One I can already tell that this Ben guy is starting to like her back! What????

Also don’t like a million people go to NYU…so why do these two keep bumping into each other. Also its New York isn’t that city crazy populated?

It was interesting to see her working in a coffee shop because it made me realize that Lattes and all those popular coffee drinks have been around way longer then I thought. I mean I know in Italy they have been around forever but I thought the craze in America had only started like 10 years ago. Wait when did Felicity come out? Oh forget it you know what I’m getting at. I still remember being in high school (In Japan) and visiting Hawaii for the first time and seeing lines for this place called “Starbucks” and I had no idea what it was.

I will say I love Keri Russel. She is a great actress and is so pretty. I love her in chunky sweaters. She’s married now and has a baby and just looks great. I hope she does some new movies soon.

I will also say that what really got me to check out Felicity was this phrase written on the back of the box. “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever.” How terrifying is that sentence!

Costume Party

Last week we had a Crew Only party and the theme was Back to School.

Now I love a good costume but I just felt that I didn’t have anything in my closet that would work as a back to school outfit. So I decided to stay in my room and watch Felicity Season 1….I will be blogging about that later.

Then my cast mates Katie and Tim knocked on my door in hilarious costumes and they got me excited to go to the party.

So I searched through my wardrobe and came up with what I thought was a cute little kindergarten outfit.

So I went to the party and I saw all kinds of funny costumes.
This is Matt and Bodie and they were wearing "Kick Me Signs."

I mean we live on a boat and most of us only brought 1 or 2 suitcases so I was pretty impressed with what people came up with. My cast mate Tim wished he new what all the costume parties were going to be in advance so that he could have packed a whole suite case filled with costumes and stuff.

This guy was my favorite!

He carried around this heavy backpack and even a lunch box filled with sandwiches he was trying to give to people. So funny.

Most of the dancers dressed in more sexier school girl uniforms.

When we all went up for the costume contest I quickly decided that since I could not compete with the sexy dancers I would make up a character for myself.

So when it was my time to walk down the cat walk in my costume I said “Hello my name is Prissy Andrews and I just started kindergarten today.”

Then I put my head down as I walked and acted very shy. Lots of people were laughing and the announcer said “Look at Jeannie she is so shy”

So to my shock I won the costume contest!

My prize was men’s cologne. Hilarious. What a fun night.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am semi-obsessed with becoming what I like to call a Nature Person.

In my eyes a Nature Person is someone who genuinely loves the outdoors and plans vacations that include things like hiking and kayaking and eating Kashi bars and wearing Patagonia and carrying Nalgene bottles with them everywhere they go and doing yoga on top of the mountains they climb.

I will never truly be the person I just described. I mean I barely do 30 min. of cardio.

Also Nature People are often also Whole Foods People.

You know people who wear Crocks to run their errands and bring their own cloth bags to carry their groceries in and only buy organic things and have a wide range of salmon dishes in their back pocket. These people also enjoy converting old stand-byes like Mac and Cheese and Brownies into things like Hand Rolled Butternut Squash Rigatoni in a Goat Cheese and Cream Reduction sauce and Espresso Flourless Chocolate Squares .

I used to live around a lot of Whole Food moms and I would hear them talking to their girlfriends "Oh I made a fun-fetti cake the other day but instead of sugar I substituted organic sugar-free applesauce and no one was the wiser."

This person will also never be me. I just don't have the patience and I have a passion for Fun-Fetti cake.

3 years ago I traveled to Bar Harbor, ME. This place is perfect for Nature People. They have tons of hiking trails, kayaking, whale watching and organic food. And I am proud to say I took part in tons of naturey things! I ran outside, hiked, ate organic burritos, saw whales, climbed rocks that were perched above the ocean water. I specifically remember screaming "I'm a Nature Person" from one of the hills I conquered. (Note: I was probable excited from the adrenaline because I am not truly a Nature Person).

Well its only natural that a Non-Nature Person would also be a Non-Ocean Person.

Well you guys I went snorkeling today! I started out very shakey but I got used to it and screamed every time I saw a fish (I wish I could say it was out of excitement but at first it was out of fear).

You guys there are so many fish in the ocean and they are so close to us and we don't even know it.

Supposedly the beach had several Portuguese Man of Wars wash up on shore that morning and a very nice young man running the snorkel stand told me just to keep my eyes open. He also told me there was a barracuda in the water but that it never came around people.

I still went in!

You guys I was sort of Jacques Cousteau today. At the very least I was Steve Zissou.

Chef Gordon Ramsey

You all might remember my on going obsession with Chef Gordon Ramsey.

Well next week is my birthday week and this Sunday I have reservations for two at Chef Ramsey's restaurant in NYC called Maze.

I can only imagine my palette is going to be wondering through many paths and facing many twists and turns all while possible being chased by Jack Nicholson (The Shining....anyone...)

Needless to say I am very excited.

For 4 courses I will be paying a whopping $45.

And for desert they list something called a Bon Bon Trolley.

In my mind this trolley is made out of gold and served by a man dressed in something a member of an Indian Kingdom would wear. Oh and I think he will have a mustache and tell me long ancient stories about each Bon Bon.

Gosh I hope I am right.

This picture pretty much sums up my expectations.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ruby Tuesdays

I love Ruby Tuesdays.

My mother and I used to frequent them regularly when I was a teenager and we ALWAYS got their salads because of their delicious Black Croutons.

Well I got to see Wes and Gina Haney this weekend in NYC! Such great people. And I forced them to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. I think I got them addicted to those croutons.

I know this entry sounds a lot like Jeff's last entry on his blog. Well what do you expect people we both lead the exact same life out here on the boat!

May I suggest only reading mine hahahahaha.

Chips and Soda

I am obsessed with trying soda and chips in different countries around the world.

For example in Canada they have Dill Pickle Chips, Ketchup flavored chips and All Dressed Chips.

Well in Bermuda they have Steak and Onion Chips! I have yet to try them.

But I did try Pineapple Soda this week. Delicious.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HellO World!

I have a blog!

I am very proud of myself.

It has only taken me a little over a year to complete the 3 simple steps it takes to create a blog. Seriously I thought it was going to be way more steps then that.

Last week I took a whole bunch of fake photography pictures.

I was very impressed with myself even though all I did was press the button.
Oh to be a fly on Anne Geddes wall. Sigh.

Note: Fake photography is not an obsession of mine.

I have however become slightly obsessed with the beach. This is big news readers as I have always said "I'm not really a beach person" this sort of a comment usually causes people around me to gasp. Then they always say the same thing "Oh I love the beach, I wish I could live at the beach" Seriously that is what each and everyone of them has said to me.

Well I don't want to live at or on the beach. But I did have a pretty good time.

Can't you tell?